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Useful Tips to make the Best out of your Umrah

Umrah unlike hajj can be taken at any time of the year. This makes this ibadat very convenient as if one misses out the hajj can conveniently plan out to visit Makah to perform Umrah at any time of the year. The word Umrah comes from Arabic. It means to visit a populated place. In […]

Best Trips in Nevada

The United States is full of places to visit: from Atlantic to Pacific, there are truly countless options for vacation destinations. Nevada, often known for its main tourism destination of Las Vegas, is actually full of some great hidden gems. Here are some great trip ideas to take through the state before checking out some Nevada […]

Why London Airport is the Best in the World

When you seek London International Airport information, the first airport that comes to anyone’s mind is Heathrow Airport. There is a specific reason behind the same. London Heathrow Airport is the largest international airport in the UK. It caters to a phenomenal amount of air traffic as well. However, Heathrow is situated on the outskirts […]

Travel Smart in 2018 with these Handy Tips

Have you “as a traveler” made any new year resolution in 2018? Well, don’t get baffled when I ask you to ponder over this question specifically as a traveler. One of the basic desires in every traveler’s heart is to “travel more than the previous year”, and this being true, it’s quite natural that you […]