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Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Walkera Goggle 4 FPV Glasses

Second, they’re marketing such goggles as HD. That is wrong. Walkera are currently using info that is false to allow you to buy their merchandise. It is said that they’re using “HD” displays with 800 x 600 resolutions.  800 x 600 isn’t HD. 800 x 600 is 480p that is excellent video. Walkera Goggle 4 is tricking people into purchasing their product and so mainly you should not purchase these goggles.

There are tons of things I do not like about those new goggles. They have got an AV input/output which looks silly as there’s absolutely no HDMI input. Since user drones like the DJI Phantom allow you to join fpv video through 20, this is bothersome. I believe that Walkera are missing a trick by not incorporating HDMI within their version that is typical. You will be constrained in what you can/cannot fly if you purchase these goggles.

There’s also no indication of an anti-fogging enthusiast that’s actually helpful on hot humid days when flying. This is a necessity which they’re missing.

But its not all bad in regards to those goggles. Primarily the cost is significantly more favorable — $169 and the 2s 1200 mAh battery allows for lots of flying time (as many as 2 hours on one charge.) There are smaller attributes that I enjoy also like the big buttons that makes it simple to correct the brightness/contrast and attention of this 5″ HD display.

Total, I’m not overly impressed with those goggles because of their lack of HDMI integration. Because $ 169 bucks is a long-term investment on something which does not come such as HDMI and fans, I would never advise purchasing them. I know that not having these characteristics isn’t the world’s end — and for most they aren’t that required. When they’re not, the thing that riles me is that they are deceiving their customers goggles. If you wished to update to something then you may need to spend money. Why don’t you buy something and buy the first time? These goggles daily will be surpassed by A set of FatSharks.

Walkera introduced the Google 3 back. These were overpriced and not many people purchased them. It had been time for Walkera to generate a product that customers can afford. They have generated the Walkera Goggle 4 and have done that. You can purchase them here. Don’t go and purchase them before you browse the remainder of this report.

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