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Let’s Keep the Environment Safe

Through awareness campaigns, more and more people are cognizant of the importance of maintaining a safe, healthy environment. Most people acknowledge that keeping our environment safe is an essential part of our everyday lives. By utilizing the 3Rs – reducing, reusing, and recycling, we are protecting the planet for future generations. In fact, protecting the environment is conducive to the protection of good health. Everyone wants to have unsoiled drinking water, the freedom to breathe fresh air and to be protected from the destructive effects of material such as waste materials. Not having fresh air and water or being exposed to toxic waste products, can lead to health problems including diseases like cancer or respiratory problems.

Municipal and local governments have called attention to protecting the environment through promoting recycling. Almost every city and town provides special trash bins for families to discard recyclable materials. Primarily through the 3Rs, elementary and high schools teach students about the importance of a clean environment and how to protect it. A blog explicitly targeted for young girls, offers 5 steps girls can follow to learn about the importance of protecting the environment and how to keep the environment clean, while this site not only explains how we can keep our earth clean but it provides information about activities in which people can engage that actually harms the environment.

One way we can begin to protect our environment is in our homes and businesses through the proper disposal of wastewater. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of the Federal government issues guidelines to protect our environment from discharged wastewater. Wastewater is produced from the drains in our homes or from commercial or industrial businesses. Wastewater from our drains is harmful to our health and to the environment and if not disposed of properly, eventually ends up in our lakes, rivers, and oceans where it can harm both plant and animal life, including humans. 

Grit trap cleaning prevents dirt and harmful chemicals from entering the sewer system in our cities and towns from our homes and businesses, and it prevents dirty water from entering the sewer system. It has a primary, and a secondary chamber and the chambers work together to stop the solids or grit from entering the sewer system, thereby protecting the sewer system and the environment. A plumber must clean it periodically, generally every 2-3 months. Without periodic cleaning, the solid material is trapped which causes significant plumbing problems that require help from a professional. Commercial and industrial businesses must hire environmental waste disposal companies to handle its wastewater management. A permit must be obtained from the city or municipality where the business is located.

Environmental waste disposal companies are familiar with the state, local and EPA guidelines regarding the safe removal of waste and the company should be Hazwoper trained on the safe removal of hazardous waste. “Hazwoper” is an acronym for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. Hazwoper certification can be completed online, and there are 8 hours, 24 hour, and 40-hour courses.

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