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The Best Free LUTs Download for Adobe, DaVince, and Final Cut

Are you a cinematographer, video editor, video producer, a photographer looking to start dabbling in video editing and color correction? Or maybe you’re a YouTuber or free-lance promotional video editor looking for some knowledge on color correction, what it means, and the best tools to use for the process. 

For advanced video artists you may feel that it’s finally time to step up your color grading game in your works and projects. If you’ve been hunting for the perfect free LUTs download then look no farther. This link offers a LUTs download from their website for video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro X. 

What is a LUTs and how do you use it in the video editing process? The Art of Photography on YouTube writes on LUTs, “LUT is an acronym for “Look Up Table” – these are used frequently in color grading. These are files you can load in to your editor and apply to your footage to achieve certain looks to your footage – commonly these emulate various film stocks.” There are different types of LUTs – viewing, transforming, calibration, 1D and 3D. The author of this blog explains, “A LUT… is essentially the modifier between two images, the original image and the displayed image, based on a mathematical formula.” Her blog also embeds a great 56-minute podcast between three colorists who go more in-depth on each topic and explain LUTs a bit more in-depth.

Another website and blog dedicated to photography and video imagery, explains LUT, “A Look-Up Table (LUT) is mathematically precise way of taking specific RGB image values from a source image – and modifying them to new RGB values by changing the hue, saturation and brightness values of that source image. A LUT can be scientifically precise… A LUT can also be used creatively to impose a specific ‘Look’ on a source image, such as the Bleach Bypass look.” 

A LUT is a video editor’s best friend when it comes to creating a “vibe” or “mood” for their work and projects. If you’re an experienced or even intermediate video editor then it’s time to up your work by incorporating a LUTs program to help improve the look of your projects and videos. Color Grading Central offers one of the best LUTs downloads for professional editing software that will allow you to better your work as a video artist. 

Mixing Light also goes on to explain why many video artists have trouble using LUTs and understanding differences between color grades in relation to their images and shots. They state that many post-pros don’t understand there are several different types of LUTs: creative LUTs and Technical LUTs. So, what’s the difference? Technical LUTs are designed to transform an image or shot from one color grade to another– its end goal is to have the same image look perceptually similar or identical on different devices or viewing platforms. A creative LUTs can be generated through built-in software. 

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