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12 Creative Ideas For Plastic Pallets

A pallet is a flat transport structure that supports goods in an upright position while there are being lifted, either by a forklift, erect crane or front loader. It is the structural foundation of a unit load that allows for efficiency in handling and storage. Goods for shipping containers are often placed on a pallet and secured by strapping for them to be shipped. While most pallets are wooden, plastic pallets especially recycled plastic pallets are however beginning to take the lead.

Plastic pallets are plastic shipping pallet designed to rationalize industrial handling, storage and transportation of goods. These plastic pallets are alternatives to wooden pallets. They are generally made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene. They could also be made from recycled plastic as well.

Why People Choose Plastic Pallets

There are quite a number of reasons why people choose to use plastic pallets over wooden pallets for handling and storage. These benefits include:

  • Plastic pallets unlike wooden pallets do not absorb humidity and it is ideal for food, paper, pharmaceuticals and cement. They are hygienic as they are resistant to bacterial contamination making them perfect matches for pharmaceutical, food and beverage.
  • Plastic pallets are safe to use as they are free of splinters, nails, screws or chipping.
  • Plastic pallets are lighter which makes them best suited for handling and transportation as they can be easily moved and have lower transport costs.
  • They can be used for a longer time than can be recycled to be reused again,
  • They are very resistant to acids, shock and stress.

12 Ways To Creatively Use Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets can be creatively used in a variety of ways, they are very much convenient to use especially for DIY projects. Here are 12 ways you can creatively use plastic pallets:

  • Reconstructing Building Façade

Plastic pallets can be used in making temporary or permanent separations inside offices and homes. If you need to create a separate space entirely, rather than having to contact contractors to remodel your house, you can just as easily do the same with plastic pallets.

It is a faster and more cost effective methods as you don’t have to worry about paying high contractor fees or remodeling costs, you can just as well build the separation yourself or with the help of a professional using these plastic pallets.

  • Deck Building

If you want a deck for your patio then you should consider using plastic pallets. Especially if you want one that can be quickly made and removed whenever you want, then you should consider building your deck using plastic pallets. These decks function the same way as other wooden deck. In fact they can be used for much longer periods than wooden pallets as you do not have to worry about insect attacks or harm from the weather.These patio decks can also be removed to create space when needed.

  • Raised Floor

Raised floors are trendy, and while you might want one, you might not know how or have the time and financial capacity to build one. Alternatively you can do this with a few plastic pallets. This method is quicker, simple and cheaper. These plastic pallets are extremely study and can serve as a base for your raised floor.

You can also have a pick between using pallets in one color or multiple colors for a more dramatic look. Lay or laminate a wooden floor over it for the finishing touch over the arranged pallets and then place your furniture on it. You could choose to cover the side of your raised floor or leave it open for the colorful plastic pallets to be seen.

  • Garden Chairs

Yes, plastic pallets can also be used in building sturdy garden chairs for your garden if you are trying to avoid the cost and time that would go into building a permanent one. These chairs can be easily moved if you would rather have them at a different position.

These plastic pallets can also be used to build park benches; they are sturdy so you don’t have to worry about anyone tripping. They even come in a variety of colors giving you color options.

  • Tectonic Landscapes

A more creative way to use plastic pallets is to build tectonic landscapes with them. This landscape consists of two and three dimensional layers which contain the folded view of an overlapping natural landscape.

You can build your own mini landscape or even use it for three-dimensional building projects.

  • Center Tables

Plastic pallets can be used to build center tables, bedside tables and even coffee tables. All you need to do is screw on a glass surface for a more modern, chic look.

  • Stairs

Plastic pallets can also be used to make small steps that would be useful for reaching high shelves. This way you no longer have to stand on your toes and stretch, your easily movable stairs would make it a lot easier.

  • Sofas

Plastic pallets can also be used to build cozy pallet sofas, all you need to do is cut the pallet in half, add some steel plates and legs to keep both ends together. Finally add a cushion and sofa, and then begin enjoying your new sofa.

  • Pallet Bed Platform

More elaborately, plastic pallets when stacked together can be used to create a bed platform. All you need to do is focus on the dimensions and secure them together. Form a burst of color; you can use a colorful palette

  • Palette Gardens

You can also create a mini garden using your plastic palette. These pallets have perfect opening for plants to grow and space for their roots.

  • Shelves

Plastic pallets are also good for storage especially for food and pharmaceuticals. All you need is to only build a hanging shelf using your plastic palette and you are well on your way to storing things better, creating more space in your wooden shelves.

  • Hauling

If you need to move stuff around then you can do that using your palette in the capacity they were created for.

There are a number of fun, creative things to do with plastic palettes, and these DIY projects save you money that would have been spent trying to get a professional to do it. Make your living space more creative with plastic palettes.

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