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3 Important Things To Consider When Getting a Puppy

If you have made the decision to bring a puppy (or an older dog) into your home, you are likely familiar with all of the essential items for your new pet. Here are three important things to also consider that will make your pet’s life — and your own — safer and happier.

Research Fencing Options

Whether electric or built out of wood and chicken wire, fences provide an easy way to keep your pet safely within the confines of your yard. Contact a fence company Salem OR to discuss your options and learn about the possibilities available. Just remember that even if you have a fence, you should not leave your dog unattended in your yard, particularly when he is young.

Consider Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help you manage unexpected and even some routine bills that your dog will likely rack up. However, it is important to choose a policy early in your dog’s life, as many policies consider any ailments — even small things like ear infections — that occurred before the policy was purchased to be pre-existing conditions and will refuse to cover them if they happen in the future. Get your friend covered when he is young for maximum return on your investment.

Enroll in Obedience Classes

Even if you intend on training your puppy at home, and you surely can, enroll in at least one round of puppy classes to give your pet some much-needed socialization. Learning in an environment with other dogs around is much different than training one-on-one in your home, and will teach your dog how to focus on you even if there are exciting distractions around.

Getting a new pet is an exciting — and sometimes challenging — time. Consider these options and you’ll enjoy many happy years with your new friend.

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