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Expensive Sports For Less

Some sports are inherently economical: soccer has some rules but playing basically requires a ball and some flat ground. Other sports are pricey from the start, but you can find ways to make even the most expensive activity a little more affordable.


Horseback riding can be wildly expensive, but there are bargain ways to enjoy it. Working at a veterinarian office or feed store can lead to relationships with barn managers or trainers who are often happy to encourage a newbie with discounted lessons. Advanced riders should look into leasing or co-owning a horse, or trade stable chores for ride time. Gear is expensive so buy gently used tack. Used boots and clothes are often in poor shape but you can find cheap riding clothes brand new. For safety reasons, splurge on the best helmet you can find.


Buy used equipment, especially if you are a beginner. Even an experienced golfer may not want to shell out thousands of dollars for the newest clubs when lightly used equipment in great shape is readily available at second hand stores and online sales sites. Rather than sign up for expensive lessons at the golf course take an affordable class through your local parks and recreation department or community college. Still too much? Watch online tutorials for free. Occasionally satisfy your golf urge by using the free practice green and hitting a cheap bucket of balls at the driving range rather than paying for a full round of play.

Skiing and Snowboarding

There is no upper limit to how much you can spend buying the best boots, skis and snowboards. Luckily, perfectly fine equipment is available for rent in every resort and ski shop. If you would rather own your gear, purchase lightly used equipment at a ski swap (often held in October or November) or online. If you live near resorts, buy early bird season passes in the spring or summer for the upcoming season. If you have to travel to your snowboard destination, search for packages offered by resorts or nearby hotels.

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