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Forklift Driver Inadvertently Flattens a Warehouse

Footage from last year has recently re-emerged, showing the moment an out-of-control forklift driver brings an entire warehouse down on top of him when he taps one of the metal shelving units with his truck.

What Happened?

The video shows the unsuspecting worker carefully reversing his forklift down a narrow aisle of metal shelves stocked high with industrial pallets. When he accidentally swerves slightly to his right near the camera, tapping one of the towering units, the entire structure collapses, showering him and his colleague with cardboard boxes and some sort of white liquid.

The downfall of the first shelving unit isn’t the end. Within seconds you lose sight of the poor employees under the cascade of domino shelves falling, finally leaving just one unit standing.


Although the caption on this resurfaced video simply reads “oops”, understandably concern is growing for the men buried underneath the falling boxes (once people stop giggling). Comments about how the warehouse was built have been circling, with criticisms that poor health and safety conditions must have been present to allow so many shelves to fall so quickly with such small pressure.

That said, this instance arguably wasn’t quite as bad as the Russian driver who destroyed around £60,000 worth of vodka and cognac when he lost control of his forklift in 2009, which is an earlier video showing a driver accidentally accelerating and hurtling into a massive unit of shelves full of glass bottles. Thankfully, we know this driver is all right, as he later told the press he managed to escape with minor injuries to just one of his legs.

The specific warehouses in both videos have still gone unnamed (probably for the best), but we expect they will both be ensuring they install better shelves next time!

Perhaps when these companies come to rebuild their industrial shelving Ireland will be able to give them some tips on how to keep a warehouse upright. By using a company with a five-star Trustpilot rating such as, hopefully these businesses might be able to stack their shelves in a better way.

That said, there’s something eternally amusing about things falling over in a spectacular way, and YouTube would be very disappointing if everything was properly installed from now on!

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