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Honest IPS in the race of Chief Minister

An IPS officer, living a middle-class life can’t think of arguing with a chief minister but now an IPS officer is in the race of being a chief minister.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar started his career as an IPS and now after 20 years, he is in the race of chief minister for Jharkhand.

Jharkhand, despite being rich in natural resources is almost the poorest state of India, the state needs good leaders to bring change.

In these situations, Dr. Ajoy is the only one who can be trusted.

Who is known for his honesty and popular for sweeping the crime in the city, Dr. Ajoy who was just a missile class IPS officer has set an example for the middle-class citizens.

It was just a year ago when he was announced as the state president of Jharkhand by Congress president Rahul Gandhi and now we can see the congress committee has become so dominant in the state.

In one year, Dr. Ajoy Kumar has built a very strong committee and made a good alliance with other parties.

Entire Congress committee had now been strengthened and renovated.

His higher education has upgraded the party systematically.

Dr. Ajoy holds an MBBS degree from JIPMER, Pondicherry, and an MBA degree from Pondicherry University

It’s not only in the state of Jharkhand but people of nearby state Bihar are also showing support for him.

Dr. Ajoy is the best candidate against Raghubar Das

The election will be held this year within next 4 months.

And citizens votes will decide who will be the next chief minister of Jharkhand.

Whether Raghubar Das will continue or someone else will take the seat.

Whoever takes the seat but the elections in Jharkhand will be quite interesting this time.

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