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How to Hold Concealed Carry Guns

Owning a gun, in the United States, is a constitutional right. However, many states have restrictions as to how a gun can be used, the kinds of guns a person can own, and who can own a gun (based on mental health and past convictions). It should be noted that the regulations for having a concealed carry license varies in each state. Once the hard part of getting a concealed carry license is dealt with, it’s time to get to the fun part– getting something neat to carry it in!

Belt Holster

One of the most classic ways to wear a concealed carry is by investing in a belt holster. As the name implies, this accessory is simply a belt with a holster attached. This is great for those who want to carry a gun on them but don’t feel the need to actually hide it. However, it could be easily hidden in a long coat. For the most part, a gun in a belt holster will be entirely visible to others.

Ankle Hostler

Ankle hostlers were made famous by spy movies. Of course, you don’t need to be a spy to own one! These hostlers (and the gun attached) can be easily hidden by loose-fitting pants or long skirts. When wearing one of these holsters, it’s best to wear socks underneath. This can help to prevent blisters and general uncomfortableness.

Thigh Holster

Arguably one of the sexiest types of holsters is a concealed thigh holster. In films, these holsters are often used by women spies or fighters. They can be worn over tight-fitting pants or underneath skirts. With both of these options, wearers can choose whether they want their gun to be hidden from public view or not.

Whether you want to buy a holster for an actual gun or for a costume, any of these holsters are sure to get the job done. Good luck picking the best holster for your needs and style!

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