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How To Remain DOT Compliant

If you operate a truck driving business, whether on a large scale or as the owner-operator of a rig, you know the importance of remaining compliant with the Department of Transportation (DOT). Their regulations decrease accidents, which means you save money on lost labor and insurance and increase your customer’s confidence in your ability to safely transport cargo. Below are some tips on how to follow Department of Transportation guidelines so you can reap these benefits.

Get Outside Input from Professionals

It can be hard to keep up with changing guidelines and rules that are often in flux. You may believe you’re doing everything you’re supposed to, but it turns out you’re missing one or two elements that are noticed during a DOT audit. To assess your DOT compliance, prepare for audits and talk about how you can make adjustments so you are following the latest laws and regulations, it is a good idea to hire a DOT compliance services Dallas firm. They can assess your company’s practices and assist you in making changes to ensure compliance, and can even run you through a practice audit so you know what to expect.

Consistently and Accurately Log Your Hours

Logging hours can feel like busy work, but it’s an important task. There are certain restrictions on hours driven and how long your breaks in between have to be. During an audit, your driving logs will be one of the first things checked. Make sure your logs are consistently done and also contain accurate information in order to pass an inspection.

Carry and Maintain Proper Safety Equipment

Drivers are expected to carry the proper equipment in their trucks in the event of a crash, breakdown or emergency. During your pre-trip inspection, remember to verify that there is a fire extinguisher, reflective emergency triangles and other required emergency equipment in proper working order in your rig.

Using these tips can help ensure you keep your business up and hauling, avoiding downtime and fines.

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