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Identifying 3 Errors in Handgun Accuracy

If you are a handgun owner and seeking to improve your accuracy, there are several things you need to understand about pistol performance and user error. When you combine skill and training with a firearm designed specifically for accuracy, such as the line of Gen5 Glock pistols, you can experience marksmanship success. Here are three of the most common shooting errors and possible causes for them.

Inaccurate Hits or Widely Scattered Groups

If you are alternating between focusing on the target and focusing on the rear sight, your sight alignment might not be combined with a proper sight picture. You may be jerking the trigger which pulls the shot off. Some helpful tips to correct the problem include a primary focus on the front sight only. Try to initially view the target and then perform a sight alignment through the front. You can also practice with both dry and live-fire to minimize movement and jerking the trigger.

Hitting Low on the Target

If you are anticipating the recoil, you may be involuntarily jerking the trigger when firing. Tightening your fingers and grip when the shot breaks can create a slight downward pull. An improper grip can also cause this error. By keeping your focus on the front sight and working to minimize hands and finger movement, you can help maintain consistency with your shots.


When you rotate your strong thumb during a trigger press, you will decrease your accuracy by pulling it toward the right. If you squeeze thumb and overpress with your trigger finger, the same thing can also happen. By resting your shooting-hand thumb on the top of the support thumb, you can stabilize your movements. Work to control sympathetic and reflective finger and thumb movement when you pull the trigger.

Accuracy in shooting comes down to self-control with movements and a quality firearm. Evaluate your shooting techniques to ensure maximum target hits when firing.

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