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Pros and Cons of Cheap Domain Registration

It is quite likely for users to get tempted towards going for cheap domain registration considering the low costs incurred in this process.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of going for cheap domain registration. Also, this kind of registration might not suit every company. Therefore, it is important for organizations and individuals to understand whether they should actually go for affordable domain registration or opt for paid registrations.

The Advantages of Cheap Domains

Some of the most basic benefits that come from using a cheap domain are as follows:

  • Affordable Domain for One Year

Cheap domains provide one year affordable domain registration. Hence, such registrations can prove to be highly beneficial for websites or blogs that have a life span of just one year or even less.

  • Beneficial for College Fest and Event Websites

Cheap domains are highly advantageous for college websites that run different events, competitions and fests. This is because such websites are specifically designed for events and fests. Once the event are completed, they do not seem to be useful. Hence, going for cheap domains can prove to be beneficial for such sites as it helps in saving a huge amount of money.

  • Advantageous for Simple and Easy-Going Bloggers

Cheap domains have proved to be advantageous for all those bloggers who are looking to maintain their blogs for just two to three months. As beginners into blogging do not have the confidence and the money required for maintaining their blogs, they tend to go for cheap domain registrations so that they can get the blogs down as and when required.

  • Beneficial for Web development

Registering a domain within an affordable range can prove to be advantageous in developing sites for the first time. This way you would be able to save a huge amount of money. The saved money can be used for making other exclusive additions to the site.

Disadvantages of Cheap Domains

A few disadvantages of cheap domains include:

  • Limited Service

Cheap domains remain affordable only for a year. Once you complete the initial subscription of a cheap domain, you need to pay for the renewal of the same. So, such domains work only for websites that have a very short life span. They might not be the best option for websites that are developed to run for a very long time.

  • SEO Unfriendly

It is not very easy to index cheap domains in the major search engines. For the ones who want a great SEO site or blog, it would not be a good idea to go for cheap domains. The same goes for individuals and organizations that want their sites to reap the benefits of Linux Web Hosting. It I also worth noting that sites with cheap domains are generally banned by Google. If a certain site is banned by Google, it will not appear on the search engines.

  • Loss of Customers

If you are going for a cheap domain, you will have to change your site domain after a time span of one year. This might mean complete loss of rankings, backlinks and visitors.

Common questions about Linux Web Hosting include:

Is Linux Web Hosting perfect for online stores?

Yes, and specifically for the ones using third party payment systems.

Is server hosting required by every business?

Yes, no matter what a business is dealing in.

How can a site be visible on the internet?

A site can be visible on the internet only by being hosted on a server

Is server hosting beneficial?

Yes. It can prove to be highly beneficial for big and small sites that require their customers to know about their presence online.

Are domains available for free?

Yes, but free domains are not as advantageous as the paid domains.

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