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The Importance of Passport Covers in 2019

In 2019, air travel is going to be as easy as a bus travel. With international flight charges becoming cheaper by the day, more and more people are opting for international vacation for their holidays. According to the Passport Index 2019, India has moved from the 77th to 67th position globally in 2019 with 39 countries now offering Indian visa-on-arrival and 25 countries offering visa-free entry. So, more and more people are travelling abroad for tourism, business, education and employment.

All this is fine but what if your hard-earned passport gets lost during your frequent travel?  Retrieving a lost passport is next to impossible! So, it is better to safeguard your passport carefully and preserving it with care. To do this, the first thing you need is a Passport cover.

Passport covers are essential accessories for frequent air-travellers and foreign flyers. They keep the passport safe from theft, damage and wear and tear. Let us see how.

Why you need passport covers?

Many people are under the wrong impression that passport covers are just for pomp and show and that they have no real value. But this is not true. Just check out these powerful benefits of passport covers that render them absolutely priceless.

  1. Passport covers protect your passport from damage

If you are a frequent flyer and an avid globe trotter, then the first thing you must purchase is a passport cover from a reliable supplier.  This is because frequent usage of the passport makes it susceptible to damage due to wear and tear. Passports become dog-eared, torn, or strained if they are kept without passport covers. A passport cover protects your passport from every possible mishandling and prevents it from getting battered due to rough use.

  1. Passport covers prevent pilferage of your passport

Passport theft is common in many underdeveloped nations or countries with a high crime rate. In poor countries, passports are stolen and old in the black market to be used by terrorists and criminals. Surely you don’t want your passport to fall into the wrong hands? Then, first, encase it in a Passport cover.

Your passport cover keeps your passport safe from the eye of thieves. When it is in a passport cover, your passport is not easily visible and I hence protected from theft and misuse.

  1. Passport covers  help you to identify your passport easily

Travelling with a group on your tour abroad? Then, most often, your passports are collected as a bunch for hotel-check-ins or validation at customs. How to spot your passport among the rest? Easy, use a Passport cover.

Get an elegant and beautifully-designed customized Passport cover and watch your passport stand out from the rest so that you can easily spot it.

  1. Passport covers help in organized travel

Globetrotters and busy businessmen have to be professional and organized during their frequent travel. They do not have time to hunt for their passport amidst their file, document, clothes etc. Having a passport cover makes it easy for them to easily fetch their passport from their luggage for airport authentication.

Buy a handy passport cover and keep your passport safely in it to be readily accessed in a minute. Quality printing providers offer a wide range of passport covers in exquisite design to cater to your taste. Choose a Passport cover worthy of your stature and carry it with elegance and style.

  1. Passport covers help in protecting your digital credential

Most countries have an RFID chip embedded in their passport these days. This RFID chip holds all your personal information in a digitized format. If this chip is read by unknown persons, it can be misused for other criminal purposes. So, it becomes absolutely mandatory to use passport covers in 2019 at the latest models of Passport covers come with RFID blocker that prevents unauthorized scanning of your digital data.

Using Passport covers has become the required norm for all globetrotters and frequent flyers to preserve their passport in a safe and secure condition. Do not make the mistake of avoiding the use of Passport covers as your passport is the only mode of authorized entry into any foreign land. Invest in a sturdy and stylish Passport cover to protect your passport worth thousands of rupees.

Your passport is the real wealth you carry during your travel abroad. Protect it using a premium-quality Passport cover for a perfect and planned travel.

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