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Tips to Create A Suitable Custom Reusable Bag for Your Business

The aim of creating ecofriendly shopping bags is to help our planet by dampening the single plastic bag usage. Moreover, reusable tote bags even work as a great marketing tool. It is a great investment that helps to encourage prospects and customers to use reusable bags.

It is like having a moving billboard advertising your brand for literally 2 to 5 years. Moreover, you get plethora of options to choose ranging from messenger bags to drawstring backpacks to recycled shopping totes. Sky is the limit but you will need to be very creative.

Align marketing with green objectives

Some businesses need strong, sturdy and eco-friendly unbleached cotton. Canvas and cotton bags offer recipients plenty of use even after making the purchase. Alternatively, a green company aims to tap eco-conscious angle. They can find recycled plastic bag, which has been designed from plastic bottles that otherwise would have piled in landfill causing pollution the environment a good option to broadcast their do-good nature far and wide.

Full bag customization

  • Customize bag design

Custom bags can be designed exactly as you desire. Decrease or increase back or front panel or gusset size to modify the storage capacity. Choose handle lengths or add key ring or pockets to create a functional design. For marketing message pop up choose full color all side printing.

A bag with lots of useful purpose and function will be used a lot. For example, the insulated cooler bags are useful to keep stuff cool, during warm months. Delicate produce items can be protected during transport in winter. So, ensure to have a custom reusable bag created that is more expedient than typical bags.

  • Choose bag style

Your kind of business will define the style of reusable bag that will work best. Breweries, juice companies, iced tea fans, beverage shop owners, and companies using tall bottles will gain from the 1, 2, 4, or 6 partitioned totes. In this way, the bottles get kept separated and safe, while transit. Other style of reusable bagsavailable is –

  • Non-woven
  • T-shirt bags
  • Insulated bags
  • Drawstring bags
  • Laminated woven bags
  • Cotton & canvas bags
  • Recycled rPET bags
  • Vinyl bags
  • Choose colors

Take hint from your business logo, brochure, website or product. You can create a contrast like dark blue with cream or silver with green or black with white. These classic color combination depend on playing with light and dark. It will never fail to grab attention.

  • Logo and placement

On a large bag business name printed in a stylish way on the bag is great but a particular logo can represent your brand. If you choose a single bottle wine carrier bag than a rounded logo will take the bag width. Even consider colors for the logo. If you are against multiple colors then choose neutral background like unbleached or black canvas.

For brighter background consider logos in white, black or navy as they will stand out crisply. In terms of placement, align it horizontally or vertically or at the bottom or little off center. Experiment with the placement!

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