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Top 10 Frankfurt Tourist Attractions 2019

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany. It is often referred as the “gateway to Europe,”. Besides the Frankfurt International Airport, there are several more things to see in this city. Its skyscrapers, the river Main, and its playful reputation as “Manhattan” makes it distinctive in Germany. There are only 700,000 residents in this city. It is quite astonishing that nearly more than 50 percentage of the entire Frankfurt population is non-German.

Historic Römerberg

The Römerberg, also popularly called as “Roman Mountain” is considered as the Frankfurt’s historic heart. It is the part of the city that got recreated later. It is referred as the home to Rathaus (City Hall) and is lined by semi-timbered houses. This momentous square has been the place to carry out trade fairs in Frankfurt in the 13th century. Today, this place hosts its significant Christmas market too.

Frankfurt Main Tower

Though there are several amazing rides to capture the brilliant views of Frankfurt, there is no other method to experience the beauty and vastness of this place than the Main Tower. This building is named after the river Main, that runs through the city center of Frankfurt.

To reach the top of this tower, you can take the elevator to 650-feet high. Enjoy sweeping views of the skyline of Frankfurt. You can enjoy a lavish meal and cocktail at the main tower restaurant and lounge that is situated on the top floor of the tower.

Tour the Goethe House

Goethe’s house got destroyed during World War II, it got completely restored with its original furniture, books and paintings belonging to the family.

Senckenberg Museum

Senckenberg Museum displays thousands of exhibits that range from Egyptian mummies to fossils to the largest and thrilling skeleton of dinosaur in Europe.

Sip Cider in Sachsenhausen

Sip Cider is the signature beverage of Frankfurt. You can find the best and the oldest apple cider bars in the streets of notable Sachsenhausen district in Frankfurt.

Visit Paulskirche

Paulskirche serves as a place of exhibition for events like the award ceremony of “the Peace Prize” of the Book Trade of Germany held during the Book Fair in Frankfurt.

Stadel Art Museum

Frankfurt’s Museumsufer is one of the best museums in Frankfurt city. This museum aims on the graphic arts of the ancient masters.


In this Botanical Garden, you would find the exotic rainforests and the African savanna, to the flourishing flower gardens in Europe. These gardens are spread across fifty open acres and greenhouses. You would be thrilled to see around six thousand different botanical species collected from different parts of the world.

The “Fifth Avenue of Germany”

This is a shopping street that offers everything from international department chains to chic boutiques.

Modern Architecture and Art

Modern art museums in Frankfurt are popular for its vast art collection and bold architecture. The museum has got a triangular shape. So, it is also called as “the slice of cake” by people.

Städel Museum

Städel museum has got an extensive collection of art that was housed in the new extension and stunning building. This is the oldest museum foundation in Germany that takes pride of its vast collection that spans through seven hundred years of European art.

Dialog Museum

This is a unique and state of the art museum that takes its visitors on a 1-hour tour covering through 4 pitch-black rooms. Tour guides at this place are visually-impaired. Trip Indicator is one of the most trusted and recognized places on the web to find information pertaining to tours and travels all across the world. This website: will provide you complete information about the different day trips available to make your tour all the more interesting and enjoyable.


Hope this information will help you in making your Frankfurt trip all the more enjoyable.

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