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Top 10 Reasons why notebook printing works best for meetings

The business world is a busy environment full of meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, and training activities. Anywhere you go in the corporate world, you carry a notebook in hand to jot down notes and register your ideas.

These days, many executives take laptops to meetings instead of notebooks. But will laptop really serve the purpose there? Not always. Notebooks are a better choice due to the following reasons due to which we recommend notebook printing as best for meetings.

10 Reasons Why Notebook Printing is Best for Meetings

When you are organizing meetings, keeps notebook printing a priority on your agenda for distribution among the participants. This is because notebooks are more useful at meetings than laptops. Here are some more reasons why notebooks are best.

  1. Ever-Ready & Right in Hand

Notebooks are easy to obtain and use and are readily available when you want them. They are not big and bulky or heavy like some laptops are. There are even mini notebooks that fit in your pocket. Just open a notebook and jot away notes, thoughts and ideas. A notebook is right at hand to help you always.

  1. Instantly Usable

Notebooks are quick and easy. All you need to use a notebook is to just flip it open and write away. On the contrary, a laptop takes at least 5 minutes to boot. It has to boot up and get ready and valuable time is lost during startup. Notebooks are also great if you’re late to a meeting as well, as you can just sit down and start noting things down.

  1. Treats Everyone Equally

Not everyone at the meeting has laptops, and those without one feel left out. Laptops create somewhat of a status divide among employees and executives due to their higher price range and affordability factor. If you are a higher-up, consider using a notebook yourself. Everyone can afford a notebook and use one. Notebooks make everyone feel equal and create a feeling of harmony among the executives.

Even Bill Gates, (yes, the Microsoft founder), prefers pen and paper for his notes. If the creator of the world’s most popular computer operating system has no problem with it, why do you?

  1. Understanding

When you jot down notes, you understand the concepts more clearly. The same cannot be said about a laptop. You will remember what you wrote down by hand easier through the action itself than something you typed. So, use a notebook to gain clarity and understanding during meetings.

  1. Indicates Interest

If someone potters with a laptop during meetings, the speaker thinks he is distracted and is looking at something else. Not so with notebooks. When the speaker sees someone writing in a notebook, they think that the note-taker is genuinely interested in the speech. Notebooks are seen as respectful accessories while laptops seem to express a lack of respect or courtesy.

  1. Silent Companion

Open a laptop and use it at meetings and you can hear the tap-tap of the keyboard keys loudly in the meeting hall. On the other hand, writing on a notebook is noiseless and easy. No one will even notice the scratch of the pen on paper. Notebooks are much quieter and while laptops cause a distraction, taking notes shows that you are interested. The notebook is hence a silent and able companion for you at all meetings.

  1. Trouble-Free

Using a laptop is not always easy as sometimes laptops have viruses or malware issues. They may also break down due to technical problems. But have you ever heard of a problem with a notebook? Never.

The worst thing is either misplacing your notebook or being unable to read the handwriting. Your notebook is your maintenance-free companion for meetings and requires no batteries or electric sockets, and won’t suffer a breakdown due to lack of maintenance.

  1. Focus

Use a laptop at meetings and see how easily you get distracted. You might want to check your email, or Facebook status, or Twitter feed. You might even be tempted to browse the internet during meetings. With a notebook, you have nothing much to do but take notes. Notebooks make you stay focused and avoid distractions during meetings.

  1. Team Spirit

When you organize a meeting and distribute notebooks to employees, everyone is using the same stationery for note taking. This establishes team spirit and unity among all members which makes cooperation and coordination easy.

  1. Giveaways

Companies can easily print their customized notebooks and give them to the delegates at meetings as promotional giveaways. Laptops on the other hand are not. From the budget and gifting point of view, notebooks are infinitely more economical than laptops.

Speaking of which, why not order a fresh set of notebooks for the New Year?

Now, you must be convinced that notebook printing is best for meetings. Delay no more!

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