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Unique Date Ideas in New York City

Whether you are a longtime New York City resident or you are visiting, the city is full of opportunities to experience its vibrant and unique nightlife. Here are some fun things to do with your significant other besides going to a Broadway musical or a standard nightclub.

View the City from Above

The iconic Empire State Building is a staple place to visit when you are in the Big Apple. There are several great times of day to get a view of the New York skyline, but taking in the city lights after nine o’clock at night is a fun activity to do with your partner. Elevators go up to the observatory until a little after one in the morning. Enjoy a breathtaking panorama as a perfect and serene way to end a night out.

Go to the Cabaret

Although New York City is home to thousands of nightclubs, the new york city cabaret is one of the most unique nightlife experiences the iconic town has to offer. The cabaret features a variety of entertainers spanning across a breadth of musical genres, as well as more of an old-fashioned, sit down nightclub experience. If you would like a more low-key and intimate musical show, the cabaret is a wonderful option for an after-dinner treat.

Visit the Queens Night Market

The Queens Night Market is a food and culture immersion that occurs every Saturday between the months of April and October. It takes place in the New York Hall of Science and is known for its amazing food options. There is no cost of admission, and there is even a five-dollar cap on how much vendors are allowed to charge for individual items for sale in the market. For a truly unique experience, the night market can certainly be unforgettable.

For a date night that captures the essence of New York City without the cliches, use these tips to plan a wonderful evening with your loved one.

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