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Ways to End Your Day on a Positive Note

If during the evening you find yourself stressing over what happened earlier in the day, then it is probably it time for you to make some changes. One thing that you must be absolutely certain about is that you should leave your work stress in the office and never take it home with you.  

Stressing over work, even while you’re at home can negatively impact your home life. This will eventually begin to affect your performance at work too. If you are unable to have a positive mindset before closing the office door behind you, it may become difficult to keep the stress away from your mind and body.

Following are certain things that you can do to end your day on a positive note:

Maintain a Journal of Positivity

It is easy to inculcate the practice of noting down the positive events that take place in your day as it wouldn’t take up more than a few minutes of your time daily. Making this a habit will lower your stress levels and take your mind off work.

You will have fewer complaints with regards to your physical and mental health. It will also make you more capable of concentrating on tasks other than work and in this way detach every chord that makes you hold onto work after office.

The good things that you write in your journal of positivity shouldn’t necessarily have to be work-related. They can be related to your family or friends or anything that is positive in nature. The intent behind this exercise is to align your mindset in a positive direction.

It will take your focus away from negativity and make you focus on the positive things instead. The instant something positive begins to happen in your life you will hold onto that moment long after it has passed. Even recollecting the experience while writing it down will make you feel better.

But merely thinking about it may not prove to be enough and therefore it is advised that you must write it down as well. Writing makes you consolidate, reminisce about it and also organise your experience in the process.


To begin your evening with a positive mindset you can try meditating for a few minutes before walking out of the office door. Mindful meditation can reduce your stress considerably and make sure that you reach home with a positive mindset.

It turns your focus inward, makes you concentrate on your breath and thereby creates a separation between your body and soul. Meditation bathes your mind in the good chemical called dopamine and leaves you with an elated state of mind at the end of a stressful day.

Gratitude Email

Helping others is also a great way to give your mood an instant boost. The last thing that you can get yourself to do before you shut down your laptop for the day is to send a gratitude email. This one small positive action before leaving office will make you walk out of it with a newfound positivity.

You can address the email to a colleague, a junior or a client telling them how you appreciate the efforts that they have taken during the day or the past week. You will leave a wide smile on their face and this good deed will make you smile too.

Review your Daily To-Do List

If you maintain a to-do list and have been able to complete the tasks that you have listed down in it then you should tick mark those that you have completed. The simple act of checking off accomplishments will put your mind in a positive mindset.

A to-do list can also become a source of negativity if you include too many tasks or long term goals. You should be careful to include only those goals which are within your reach for a particular day taking time and ability into consideration.

If you follow the measures given above you may find that your mindset will slowly shift towards the positive spectrum. There are several other things that you can do to induce positivity in your personal and professional life such as working out or pursuing a hobby.

Taking your team for activity days out can also positively influence your mindset along with that of your team at work.

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