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When to use vacuum lifters

The constant need to find the right solution based on customer requests has led many supplying companies to design vacuum lifting equipment that are completely out of the ordinary. Tools that have made them the pioneering innovations, also applying extraordinary quality and global competence in directing market requests to the right perspective. There are now many companies that offer modern vacuum technology in the field of automation, handling and locking. With innovative products and services, therefore, efficient solutions are offered, perfectly suited to the needs of their specific applications.

VACUUM LIFT SYSTEMS: improvement of production processes

Thanks to this new tool, activities are managed more efficiently in the workplace. Production processes take place with the aid of vacuum technology. In many sectors, vacuum handling systems are able to guarantee an efficient material flow. Since the needs change from time to time, all the models on the market meet higher requirements, making the handling of loads faster, safer and protecting the operators and the material. The vacuum lifters represent a complete solution for the workplace consisting of a handling system and a perfectly harmonized crane.


The entry and exit of goods are more easily managed from the groupage distribution center or airport. Here the goods must be moved often and quickly, and they do it through a vacuum tube lifter capable of managing an efficient flow of material. Wood craftsmanship, handling systems are just some of the sectors in which machinery such as the lifter can be used. They allow rational equipment of CNC machining centers or panel saws and meet the highest requirements, such as the swivel or the reversal of pieces. Windows and fragile glass panes also require a particularly gentle handling process. Thanks to the handling with the vacuum, even the heavy glass pieces can be easily moved by one person.

The loading and unloading of CNC laser cutting systems, punching machines and bending machines with the handling systems made by the lift are optimized. Downtime is reduced and delicate surfaces of the parts are protected. The handling of metal profiles and coils is also optimized. In short, the fields of action for this instrument are many and to be considered all broad spectrum.

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