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Why a web design matters for your small business?

Whether you are a big brand, or have just started out – a lasting first impression is mostly the key to retaining potential customers and clients. While the same technique applies to businesses across the spectrum, it is especially true in case of small businesses where this technique can work wonders and how.

Unlike big brands, the smaller brands don’t have a foundation to start on – so a first impression of how their website is designed is usually the last impression too! A good design is a great and beneficial marketing tool.

You don’t want a potential customer to carry a negative impression of your website, and never return. The first focus should be on making your page look the best. Word up a crisp business incentive and objective and you’re good to go.

In addition to this, an effective web design also helps to communicate the message. According to graphic designer and communications specialist Lilian Crooks, “Effective design and messaging work in tandem to convey the value of your business legibly and, most importantly, memorably.”

Here are some aspects to keep in mind.

Keep it simple –

There is always a subconscious reaction to the site, after the user lands on the site, and before he has read even a word on it. The impression is usually based on the overall look and feel of the website which should be simple. Therefore there is no excuse for a bad design. You must strive to make their website look nice and neat.

Have a de-cluttered layout –

Make sure your design is not cluttered, doesn’t have confusing navigation and that the colors complement the content. If the color palette of your website is distracting, it will act as a deterrent to achieving your goals.

Tap into power of consistency – You can simply not ignore the power of consistency while designing your website. Consistency in styles, fonts and buttons across the site is required. This will make a user’s experience more productive and draw more and more traffic to your site in future. So, never underestimate the power of consistency. Make it a point to have creative and fun layouts.

Know your page speed – This is another parameter to keep in mind, while drafting the website. If you have a superbly-designed website, where pages don’t load quickly – it might turn your customer away, to a competitor’s page maybe.

Google Page Speed Insights is a tool which can be used to know the current loading speed of your site. This also allows you to know where to make amends. It can also help in monitoring the website’s analytics over time.

Project a well-designed logo –

Another aspect of a good design is the brand’s logo. A well-designed logo inspires confidence in customers, engages with the audience, and also looks professional.

Work on the visual appeal –

Images and videos help improve engagement on a website. Integrating a video or a set of images in your content will help hold the interest of a customer.

The visual appeal of the website is as important to hook a reader, as the information presented on it. This means there is a need to engage the audience right away, before you start telling the story of your brand.

However, it is advisable to not go overboard with photos and videos on the website. Crowding the website with visual content will make it difficult to read on the page. Therefore, maintaining a visual balance of images and content is absolutely necessary.

What is the need for a well-designed website?

A unique design will accelerate traffic on the website and help you stand out among other competitors and attract better leads. It gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase why people should choose your brand, from the other available in your niche.

While a good web design is the backbone of any brand, it only looks after the presentation of various elements on the website. It is equally important to have good, quality content going with powerful images on your site for longer audience engagement.

Quality content inspires confidence –

A potential customer visits your site to obtain information. Your writing style should be in tandem with the overall look and feel of the website. This allows the customer to get all valuable information, along with a satisfying visual experience.

In most cases, the design also inspires a sense of confidence in the user, about the marketer being serious about their brand.

Aids SEO strategy –

SEO or Search Engine Optimization fundamentals and practices are important to keep in mind. This especially helps in controlling and influencing various factors like – ranking and appearance in search engine results.

While the search engine algorithms are a little complex to wrap your head around, consulting a web design agency will really help you understand the jargon for optimization. From page titles, to bounce rates, to grammar and spell-check and headings, SEO Toronto helps audit all these areas.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can make your site rank better in search results.

Makes a brand memorable –

Tactful design decisions make way for a ‘memorable’ brand. A good quality service or product does a lot more than just scratching the surface.

Studies have shown that people tend to recall visual elements of a website, more easily, rather than the content. Even if they can’t remember a brand’s name, they will vividly remember the color palette and texture of the website.

There is scientific proof that colors aid memory performance.

A study by The Malaysian Journal of Medical Science found that colour has the potential to increase chances of stimuli to be encoded, stored and retrieved successfully.

Your web marketing strategy should be focused on controlling all the elements on the page and delivering a planned experience to the customer.

Why control a user/ customer’s experience?

A controlled and targeted user experience ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. When the elements on your website are being controlled, you can pre-decide the path you would like the user to follow. It also almost negates the possibility of the user being pulled in different directions because of ads, notices up top and so on and so forth.

Therefore, design is an integral part of the web marketing strategy.

How to welcome audience to your page?

A potential customer knows how he will be treated, by just looking at your website. If you haven’t put effort in building your website, the customer won’t feel very welcome on your page. In order to welcome audience to your page, your website should look bright and open to new customers. An unappealing, drab brand site will make people turn to other businesses to fulfill their requirements.

A friendly tone in the website design Toronto also helps build customer’s trust in the brand. You have succeeded in designing your page when people trust your website for the value of products and services it offers.

While trust building is important for a loyal customer base, it is more important in case of small businesses which are dependent on low funds and don’t have a very good outreach.

Try to give a unique, engaging look to your brand. A distinct design style helps people remember the brand as one-of-a-kind.

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