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Empower your mental health with brain teasers

Brain Teasers and Cognition Skills

The brain is after all the strongest muscle of the body, and with age cognitive abilities like the executive functions start to decline. But Studies show that with exercise of the brain right regular doing brain puzzles can actually delay the decline of the brain function.

So, let us take a look at the executive functions of the brain:

  • Flexibility: By flexibility we refer to the capacity of the brain for switching to the appropriate mental mode for an activity.
  • Mind Theory: The mind theory let’s you an insight into other people’s mind, gives you a hint into other people’s plan. And also prepares you for their likes and dislikes.
  • Prediction: Anticipation which is based on the pattern recognition.
  • Problem Solving: The problem solving power of the brain defines the capacity of the brain to understand the depth of the problem and give a solution to that.
  • Decision Making: The decision making capacity of the brain showcases the capacity of the brain to gather information from previously made decisions and emotions, previous mistakes and so on and then come to a concrete decision.

How Teasers are Important for the Brain

A brain teaser is often short and a few sentences long, but you need the lateral thinking skills to get to the answer. A brain teaser is very similar to riddles for brain. Sudoku and Crossword puzzles are more logical forms of brain teasers but these puzzles come in various shapes and forms. But unfortunately, brain puzzles are a lot different than brain teasers.

The brain is an neuroplastic muscle of the body meaning that it has the ability to shift and change with time. It is a common belief that our brains also age as we do, and with the ageing of the brain it becomes less powerful, less capable and less competent. But what we probably do not realise is that just as every muscle of the body benefits with exercise, similarly, exercise of the brain too can slow down the ageing of the executive functions of the brain.

Every daily activities in our life has the potential to subtly shift the wiring of the brain and the brain is susceptible to every action we expose it to like: The physical environment we work, the activities which includes our hobbies, that we indulge in. This is actually where the brain teasers step in. They stimulate the brain and encourages the brain to work in new ways, therefore increasing the lateral thinking capacity of the brain.


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