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How to take care of your feet

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Feet are one of the important and ignored organs in our body. We do a lot of things for our face, hands and body, but the last thing we care about is our feet. The reason why we should take care of our feet is that this is the organ that supports our whole body weight. Without them, it would be difficult for us to even walk on our own. We will be dependent on someone else for the rest of our lives and this is not something any of us want and to be honest, no one will keep you for that long. So it is better to take care of your feet in the first place. Here are some things you can do to save your feet:

·        Home remedies:

There are different home remedies for the health of your feet. Now you don’t need to spend some extra dollars on your feet. All you need is some home items which can be used to help your feet stay healthy. One of them is salt. What you actually have to do is to take some warm water and add some salt in it. Dip your feet in it for a few minutes. This is the best homemade relaxant you can have. You can also add some shampoo and after dipping your feet in, rub it with a clean and soft brush. It will help to remove the dirt and you can have clean feet in no time. Repeat this at least two times a week. After every wash, don’t forget to rub some Vaseline on your feet to make them stay soft.

·        Professional help:

If you are a working individual and you don’t have time at home, you can also get some professional help. You can hire a professional beautician and they can take care of your feet. This procedure is known as a pedicure in their language. Now you don’t have to do anything. You can do your work on your laptop and they will clean your feet in no time. They will also massage the pressure points on your feet so that you can feel relaxed at the same time too.

·        Medical treatment:

If you are suffering from any medical issue like a fungal foot or some muscular problem like plantar fasciitis, a medical professional can help you with that. For fungal infection, they will give you some antibiotics to kill the infection and for the muscular issue, a physiotherapist can help you. All you have to do is to visit them and tell them your issue. Remember not to delay the treatment at any cost. Health should be your first priority. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy can also help you a lot in such issues. In this procedure, shockwaves/ sound waves are used to treat the issue. They trigger the pressure points which help to get relax. This is done under expert supervision. However, it is still a better option than a surgery or some other invasive issue.

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