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Patio Or Deck: What’s Better For Your Backyard?

The choice of buying a patio or a deck is one that you need to make based upon a criteria of factors that include cost, convenience, and the availability of square footage in your backyard. Since the two types of outdoor space have certain differences that make one better suited than the other for your personal situation, it’s a good idea to compare and contrast the two before you call a patio company or custom deck builders kenmore

Patio vs. Deck

A good place to start making this comparison is to break down what each option offers and the disparities that exist between the two. A deck is an open porch or platform that is built as an extension of the house. There is typically no roof on a deck, making it entirely exposed to the outdoors and the elements. 

A patio is different from a deck in that it is not raised up like a deck but instead built on the ground. You can find patios that are both attached and detached from the main home. As a result, a patio is usually a less expensive construction project while a deck and a patio can both act as enjoyable and potentially lucrative outdoor living areas when the time comes to resell the home. 

Reasons to Buy a Patio

For starters, cost is a great argument to opt for a patio over a deck. They can cost significantly less to build than a deck based on the materials and labor necessary to construct them. Even better, you can construct a patio on your property without the need for city permits or compliance with inspections. 

Patios are also much easier to maintain. In fact, they require very little in the way of routine maintenance and cleaning. You can seal your patio if you go with concrete or choose stone patios or pavers and you won’t even need to do that. They also offer a long lifespan in that a good patio will last for 20-25 years if they are built with quality materials. 

Patios can also provide you with more privacy. Since they are low to the ground, you can place fencing or landscaping around the patio to keep it private from passersby. 

Reasons to Buy a Deck

Deck building is a much easier thing to do than creating a patio in some instances, particularly for backyards with uneven terrain. Since the deck is raised, you need not worry about the shape of the backyard. However, you may need a permit before you can start to build on your property. Be sure to check your local building laws and statutes. 

Decks can also be more expensive to build, however, they offer significantly more resale value than patios, with as much as 90% return on investment when you put your home on the market. One of the reasons they offer that substantial return is because you usually have a beautiful view from a raised deck. 

They can also be a lot more comfortable to use, especially in the dead of summer. Since decks are often made of wood, the sun’s heat is not absorbed or retained as much as it might be with concrete or stone.

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