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Tips for New Homeowners

Congrats! You just closed on your first home. Now the fun begins! Amid unpacking boxes and decorating your new pad, be sure to strategically think about crucial home ownership must-dos.

Shop Smart

Buying a house is a huge expense, but outfitting every room to be live-able and functional adds a new layer of unexpected costs. While shopping for furniture, appliances, and daily items (kitchen pots and pans, for example), consider quality versus cost. The extra splurge may be worth it for items that will last for decades to come, whereas the bargain quality may not hold up.

Meet Your Neighbors

Neighbors can turn into lifelong friends. Bridge by the gap by hosting a dinner or block party, or perhaps simply drop off some baked goods for a friendly introduction. If you have children, meet up with families with children in the same age range. Not only will be neighbors be great social companions, but they are trustworthy sources to keep an eye on your place while you’re away from home. If you are not surrounded by neighbors in close proximity, consider security guard services ft worth for an extra layer of home protection.

Regulate Maintenance

Houses of all shapes and sizes, no matter the location, all require maintenance. After settling into your home, create a list of all items that will need monthly and annual maintenance. Examine the interior and exterior, paying special attention to hidden areas such as attics, electrical closets, and the garage. Find contacts for pest exterminators, air conditioning/heating specialists, electricians, a handyman, and plumbing pros should emergencies arise. Set a plan for a regular sprinkler system and landscaping maintenance, either by a professional or yourself.

With careful preparation you and your family will be ready unexpected surprises, and joys, your new home brings. Enjoy the day-to-day while taking care of the details that matter!

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