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A System for Manufacturing Lubrication

A lubrication systems company is available to help solve the multiple and varied lubricant problems that exist in your manufacturing process such as the selection of an improper lubricant, incorrectly configured equipment, faulty installation of a lubrication system, a lubricant that clouds up the shop with an over-spray, the air smelling from recycled flood coolant, or others.

The old technique of flooding parts with oils or coolants has its problems such as maintenance, wet parts, and disposal. Utilizing organic lubricants in your Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) system decreases the amounts of disposable waste, lubricant usage is cut back to a fraction of conventional ones, and the system increases production and tool life by a large percentage.

It is important to have tthe correct MQL system and the proper lubricant. The specific blends of organic oils and extreme pressure anti-wear additives extend cutting-tool life dramatically,  reduce friction, and provide all that is necessary to meet the needs of the particular process.

You will be able to use a small amount of lubricant which is applied to the exact location and at the right time. With each application being different, engineers  assist in developing the proper configuration for each one.

Industrial lubrication systems for every process in your shop’s manufacturing arena can be designed and installed, whether it involves high-production CNC equipment or the smallest and most precise manual equipment. The MQL system is retro-fitted to function transparently and flawlessly and utilize the latest technology in nozzle design, injectors, pneumatics, and PC logic controllers. That enhances the process and uses each machine’s least amount of lubricant per cycle. The products also require little or no cleanup, and they eliminate parts washing and cleaning.

MagLube’s approach is a turn-key system that eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals and flood coolants in the manufacturing process. Lubricants by MagLube are derived from seed oil components that are effective for the use on all materials and are also safe for the environment. The MQL system  applies a thin film of lubricant to both sides of a blade while it is cutting all types of  materials. MagLube’s applicators use precision delivery systems for the lubricants that are designed for each individual application. If MagLube is used in conjunction with the coolant system, it mixes well with the coolant system because the MagLube use is in such small amounts that the coolant is not affected.

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