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Hector May Must Pay!

There are thousands of American investors who are currently outraged at Hector May. Hector May, and investment company in New York, was recently convicted of securities and investment fraud, stripping outraged people across the nation of millions of dollars. Their actions constitute criminal activity, but damages should be compensated and reparations should also be made to ensure that those affected by the Hector May fraud are fully restored to their original investments. If you were impacted as a victim of this outrageous and deplorable action, it is your right to speak with an attorney who can get you what your are due.

About Securities Fraud and Hector May’s Actions

Hector May should pay for their criminal actions, both because what they did was illegal and because it was unethical to steal money from innocent, unsuspecting investors. Securities fraud is simply taking or misusing money from clients when it should instead be invested directly into investments that yield a percentage every year. When they misuse money, they often line their own pockets or make purchases disguised as business expenses. Either way, the use of money by an investment firm outside of laws and bylaws is a federal offense, and can result in large fines and jail time, as it ought to.

With the case of Hector May, they lied and stole from the very people who were able to keep them in business. They falsified individual reports of growth while they took money off the top, keeping their investors’ securities from growing and ultimately losing their initial investment.

What You Can and Should Do

There are several regulations that that the federal government has instituted to protect against this type of fraud. Regardless, many unscrupulous businesses will try to lie, cheat, and steal. There are some things, however, which you can do to protect yourself if you were a victim of Hector May’s fraudulent activity.

Like the first paragraph mentioned, you will want to make sure you get in contact with a lawyer if you or a loved one was negatively impacted by Hector May. You also want to try to avoid these negative repercussions in the future, including noticing warning signs of securities fraud and learning how to report suspicious activity if you are not seeing consistency when it comes to your account and investments. There is always something that likely goes deeper than your initial observations.

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