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Top Misconceptions Regarding Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery comes with several myths like any other medical procedure. As a woman, some people will tell you not to go for plastic surgery until you are over 60 years. However, it’s not wise to wait until you are over menopause as this can change the nature of surgery results. The doctor has to pull the skin of an older patient tightly to achieve the desired contour improvements. Therefore, it is easier to do the procedure at a young age. Doing plastic surgery early in life gives you more natural results that you can sustain for an extended period.

The other misconception about plastic surgery is that it is for the rich. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery statistics, most of the people who go through this procedure belong to the middle class. The encouraging factor is that they use their disposable income to fund this treatment. According to the research, the average salary of plastic surgery patients is $80,000. Most plastic surgeons provide a broad range of flexible options for financing. Some of the most cost-effective non-surgical procedures include Botox injections and application of fillers such as Juvederm. Some of them are cheaper than what the women pay for a salon treatment of hair coloring.

Let no one cheat you that only women should go for plastic surgery. Close to 15 percent of the total number of patients who go for the plastic surgery Orange County  treatment are men. This number has been increasing steadily over the past few years. We are living in a competitive job market, and men should strive to look their best. This factor motivates most men who are heading to 40s or 50s to go for non-surgical procedures such as fillers, the neurotoxin, and Botox to revitalize their appearance. Also, men are becoming more comfortable with the other surgical procedures like treating enhanced congenital breasts or gynecomastia, liposuction for addressing ‘love handles’ and nasal surgery or rhinoplasty. Don’t shy away from plastic surgery because you are a man.

Some people also believe that plastic surgery is typically for the vain. Most life quality outcome studies and patient satisfaction surveys reveal that patients are happy with genuine body image improvements. Most people are satisfied with their position in life after the surgery. Even though plastic surgery does not add years to the life of a person, it can add life to his or her years. The primary decision-making factor is quality of life and not vanity for most plastic surgery patients.

The last misconception is that the recovery process of plastic surgery takes a very long period. Surgical technique advancements, pain control, and anesthesia methods imply that patients don’t have the downtime that comes with general anesthesia recovery. The incidences of vomiting and nausea after the surgery have significantly reduced, and patients can now get back to their daily routine quickly. Even though surgical healing takes an extended period to heal, it will take most patients just a few weeks to resume their normal activities.


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