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Becoming A Vegetarian – How to Make the Switch

Out of the blue, or after an instigation, you want to ditch the meats and all animal proteins. How do you go about it? How do you get around the first few days?

Habits are part of you and self-improvement often seeks to change a habit or habits leading you to take on something new and good. Going through this shift is hard, and it gets tough when you are changing something you like eating. If determined to make the change, how do you avoid falling back into the old habits? Is it as hard as finding a reading tutor?

Do it for the right reasons

Do it, not because it is the diet craze your close friends are embracing but because it’s something of immense importance to your health and your beliefs. You can become a vegetarian to lose weight, help the environment, cut the fats, or lower your risk of food poisoning. Other people become vegetarians because they cannot stand the suffering the animals go through in the slaughterhouse.

While justifying your reasons, you also need to read up. Understand what being a vegetarian means; as well as the alternatives for animal proteins. In a nutshell, you have to determine what being vegetarian means to you.

Forego junk and fast foods

With a legit reason in mind, your first step is foregoing all the junky foods and fast foods. This step is among the toughest, but it will help you get back your good health status in no time. You will notice weight loss fast, and you will also look younger.

Give up animal products gradually

The journey to becoming vegetarian is slow, regardless of your vegan lifestyle. So, you should give up one animal after the other. Start with the hard ones processed and red meats.

 Add, don’t subtract

Don’t just get food out of your plate, replace what you remove with something else. Just makes sure that the addition is healthy. Replace animal-based with plant-based proteins. This will prevent you from having the deprivation mindset.

Plant-based breakfast

You need to start the day with a plant-based diet. Let in more plant-based food throughout the day.

Stop counting calories

If you are making this shift to lose weight, then you need to eat and stop counting the calories. You aren’t on a restrictive diet by being vegetarian so, you should allow yourself to eat plenty of whole plant-based foods.

Being vegetarian isn’t just about eating more rice, pasta, and bread. You have to explore the variety of fruits and vegetables that will tantalize your taste buds.

Start quietly

If you think that you will have a hard time with your friends, family, and colleagues, start quietly. Instead of letting the whole world know about your intentions, you should focus on yourself. Also, be conscious of your body, surroundings and food addictions.

Enjoy the process

Whether you get support from your friends or not, you have to enjoy the process and be confident in your abilities. Yes, you still get to eat out and try more ethnic foods.



Just start. You will soon realize that there are many healthy and tasty plant-based meals. Don’t forget to change how you shop, be resourceful and always experiment new foods!

You need to know this, being vegetarian is more than eating meat-free diet. It is more about getting connected to the positive influences plant-based foods have on your body, the mind and the soul.

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