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Common mistakes that cause truck accidents


Semi-truck accidents are almost forever serious. They are heavier and bigger than most other vehicles on the road, so they can do much more disaster. For this factor, commercial truck drivers take on a big responsibility every time they get behind the steering wheel of their truck, which is why it needs unique certification and training.

Operating a 40 ton truck is not easy, and should be done with the utmost focus and care. But no issue how much experience and training a truck driver has under their belt, accidents do occur. Sometimes they are driver-error, and many times they are not. Continue reading to learn the best contributing factors to truck accidents so that you may better know road and traffic safety.

Driver fatigue

Drier fatigue is a general cause for truck accidents, and it is among the most serious as well. For this factor, federal regulations now restrict the number of hours a truck driver can stay on the road at one time before preventing to rest. Unluckily, these regulations are not sufficient to stop truck drivers from driving while fatigued. Many trucking firms still pay by the mile, so truckers will exhaust themselves beyond the point of safe driving in order to earn more cash.

Bad truck maintenance

Sometimes, semi-truck accidents are not all driver-mistake. In some cases, semi-truck producers can generate a defective product, while other times, the trucking firm itself may neglect their fleets by not providing right routine truck maintenance. Fluid changes, tire services, inspections, brake service, and more are all vital to make sure a truck performs efficiently and safely on the road.

Lack of experience

Another general cause for truck accidents is just inexperience. Experience makes a big difference in the trucking industry. Truckers who have been driving for decades have “learned the ropes” via years of hands-on experience. Drivers new to the industry are still novices, and naive to the real nature of the road when behind the wheel of a semi-truck.

Distract driving

Probably the most general cause for truck accidents, or any motor vehicle mishap for that matter, is distracted driving. Especially now that most drivers are furnished with certain technologies, like flat screen navigation system and cell phones, distracted driving is more general than ever before. As for truck drivers, distractions can take on many forms, including eating, smoking, reading, tuning the radio, texting, and more.

Improper loading

Another general cause of truck accidents is bad loading of cargo. It is important for freights to be loaded and secured rightly in order to save injuries and accidents. Bad loading can lead to shifting, uneven weight distribution, and more, all of which are general contributing factors of truck accidents.

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