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If You Build it, Will They Really Come?

Once upon a time, in a place not far from your own, people used to say “if you build it, they will come.” Of course, not every entrepreneur was successful with this form of small business marketing left to chance. A few were, however, thanks to simpler times. Today’s customers are oftentimes so preoccupied with daily life that they fail to notice a new brick and mortar establishment. Online, it’s even harder to draw traffic. Here are some things to consider about getting the word out about your goods or services.

Prepare Your Environment

If your business operates in a physical space where walk-ins are common, you know the importance of getting the environment right. A fresh scent, a little background music and the right lighting can put shoppers in the mood to spend. Something similar is true about an e-newsletter or web page. Make your message clear, use the right colors and give the recipient something to get excited about. It should naturally motivate without putting on unnecessary sales pressure. Even if people don’t choose to buy anything right away, your virtual environment should be designed to build relationships with visitors and subscribers.

Create Organic Promotion Opportunities

Catchy headlines, trending hash tags and deals too good to refuse make sharing happen naturally. When your small business marketing plan includes connections to the major social media channels, you create opportunities for your announcements to go viral. It’s no wonder that successful businesses use phrases like “limited time offer” and “while supplies last.” Printable coupons often spread between family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Companies that build expectation around new product releases before the items go on sale also benefit from such efforts.

Do Plenty of Deliberate Campaigning

Next time you end up with a glut of supplies to sell, mark down the price and tell people about it right away. The faster you can get your product off the shelves at a profit, the faster you can restock with another big hit. If your business provides services, run specials just before your slow periods. Some restaurants do very well with this concept, offering a free slice of pie during a regular time each week when there are few customers. Even storage companies can fill more garages by investing in online marketing.

Times have changed, making it essential for today’s business owners to innovate. Consider hiring a company to manage your small business marketing. Then you can focus on what you do best – managing your growing empire.

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