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Important Tips for Keeping Your Car Running In Tip-Top Shape

The Moving Parts

The transmission in a vehicle is a very important and complex component that has a basic function; Transferring the power of the engine to the drive train of the automobile. Inside the bell housing (a case that is shaped similar to a bell) is a series of different gears, and each gear determines the appropriate force given to the wheels. At take-off, the transmission is placed in first gear, and this has the most power but the lowest speed. This is required for the initial movement of the weight of the vehicle when no momentum is present. If the engine is the lungs of a vehicle, then the transmission would be the heart. Carrying the energy to the appropriate places of the “body”.

Maintenance Is Crucial!

Just as it is with anything, a transmission needs attention regardless of new the vehicle or how great it’s running. Routine maintenance on the entire system–motor, transmission, axles, batteries, fluids, belts etc.– is crucial to extending the life of your car or truck. Sometimes problems arise from just basic neglect. If your car is low on fluid, it may run “perfectly” to you, however in the case of motor oil for example, the fluids get thicker over time. It will get to extreme temperatures due to the engines moving parts and basically the oil washing over the components picks up soot from combustion. The longer the same oil is left in an engine, the thicker and less efficient it becomes. This causes unnecessary wear on the moving parts of the interior of the motor.

To be effective and create the least resistance oil should be changed several times per year depending on the type of oil and amount of driving you do. The same is true for the transmission, although changing the fluid in the transmission is not as frequent as motor oil, the fact remains it needs changed as well. Manufacturer recommendations are every 30,000 to 60,000 miles regardless of manual or automatic type. Keeping moving parts properly lubricated keeps the metals from grinding against each other scraping tiny bits of metal off components and getting too hot from friction. For Ohio residents finding a transmission shop cincinnati oh can provide expert advice and routine maintenance for all your vehicle needs.

Ignoring It Will Not Change It

Perhaps there is a noise coming from the general area under the hood that you are not familiar with, or it sounds different than it should. Shrugging off symptoms such as this is a leading cause of expensive repairs later. From light knocking, to squealing it is important to have any unnatural noises investigated by professionals. Most often repair centers offer free inspections and charge only for the parts and repair (labor) on the vehicle. Difficulty in changing gears, a car that is running hot, or “dummy” lights indicate it is time to take it to the car doctor. Don’t put off simple repairs/maintenance when the cost could increase dramatically if you neglect it.

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