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Interesting and Amazing Facts About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a well known pastor in Nigeria. He is the head of the Christ Embassy network of churches. Although he is based in Nigeria, he is well known around the world. His online prayer sessions are attended by people all around the world, and he gives lectures to hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. Here are some things about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that you probably didn’t know.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is very active on Twitter. That alone may not surprise you, but the fact is that he has more followers than any other personality in Africa. That is a pretty great achievement. He has well over a million followers. Unlike other people who have lots of followers because they followed a lot of people, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome does not follow anyone. This shows that people are following Pastor Chris Oyakhilome because they love his work and love him, not because they are just following him back. That is not the end of it, however. Besides being active on social media with millions of fans, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has his very own social media platform, which is called Yookos. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also a very well to do person. His net worth is over fifty million dollars, from smart investments that he made in real estate and other assets, such as television. A case that was brought against him was dismissed in full, and all the false charges against him were dropped pretty quickly. Although many people who have a large net worth in Nigeria own private jets, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is better than them. In 2006, he bought an entire airline. He renamed it Skypower.

LoveWorld TV is one of the television programs that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome operates. Not only is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the most active person on Twitter, he owns the first television station to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world twenty four seven. LoveWorld TV was the first to do so. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also offers his faith healing services to anyone who needs help. He is a Man of God who can use the powers of faith and spiritual healing to help people get cured of various diseases. This is great for anyone who has various illnesses that they are trying to cure. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had a wife whose name was Anita. They broke up, but it was Anita who insisted on the divorce. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome does not believe in divorce for Christians, and he did whatever he could to make sure that the marriage would work out, but Anita made a mistake and did not want to work together with him.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also a great author. He has written well over a dozen books, as well as many articles. He also produces DVDs and CDs, as well as online articles and Youtube videos. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s books have been best sellers and have gotten sold many times. They are very popular, especially in his home country of Nigeria and among people who are interested in coming closer to God. The books serve as a guiding light for those who are interested in improving themselves and becoming better people. They are inspiring and motivating.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a well educated person. In fact, he started his ministry while he was still a student in University. This shows us that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has always been a strong believer and a great Christian. He has always been looking out for ways to bring other people closer to God.

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