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Main Types of Blinds for Your Home

Blinds are hard treatments that are constructed from vanes or slats and you can adjust them with the aid of a manual pull cord. However, you can still use the term blinds to general describe window coverings. Most homes and offices and installed with blinds because of their efficiently in service delivery. You can use blinds to regulate the amount of light and air that gets into your house or office. It is the best way to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. They can also include all types of window coverings such as shades, blinds, and rollers. You can get all these products from Superior Blinds LLC at very affordable rates. Here are some of the common types of blinds that you can install in your space.

Venetian Blinds

This is the most widely known and used type of window blinds. These blinds come with horizontal slats that are placed on top of each other and held in their place using a string. These slats always move in sync when you rotate them. This string coding mechanism will allow the blinds to close or open fully or partially. Venetian blinds are manufactured from plastic materials but you can also find them in various metals like aluminum. Venetian blinds are highly versatile and work so well in any room.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds work in a similar manner with venetian blinds only that it has a vertical pulling the system instead of the horizontal pulling. Vertical blinds are a perfect match large windows or doors and windows that rely on a slide-like patio to open. The amount of light control that these blinds offer is equal to what venetian blinds do. These blinds are easy to clean owing to the fact that they gather less amount of light.

Faux and Wood Blinds

These are basically venetian blinds that are manufactured from faux wood and wood. They also make use of the sting and slat cording system to close and open. The popularity of faux wood and wood has been on the rise because of their visual impact. Faux wood and wood lend an exclusively rustic vibe to the interior design of your home. In addition, faux wood is inexpensive and vulnerable to moisture issues and thus rendering it an excellent option for your bathrooms and kitchen.

Honey Comb or Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are renowned for that ability they have to keep your room insulated.  When you view them from the side, you will discover that they are diamond-shaped blind cells that are manufactured from a lightweight clothing material. This type of blind will give you a full view of the outdoors when you fully raise it. Honey comb shades, unlike the venetian blinds, don’t have adjustable slats. However, the blinds still allow an amount of natural light that is comfortable to get into your space while maintaining the required level of privacy.

Solar/Roller Shades

This is a one piece design of indoor shades that are constructed from metal pole that used a side chain to operate. The design will completely block sunlight once you close it and lets in full light whenever you roll it up. It offers maximum protection to your room from harmful UV rays and delivers a sleek contemporary vibe.

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