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New Roof–Old One Off

When a home needs a new roof the old roof generally needs to be taken off, which means there will be a lot of debris. There will be old shingles, the felt paper that is under the shingles, the old drip edge and any bad plywood sheeting repairs necessary. This adds up to hundreds of pounds for just the shingles so the debris cannot be put in the regular garbage containers. 

Getting a New Roof

Once it has been decided a new roof is necessary and the material picked out the first thing that needs to be done. This alone can be a daunting task since there are many different types of shingles to learn about first to make a wise choice. Then there will be the removal of the old shingles this begins the mountain of debris that accumulates when replacing a roof. This must be done using a larger container known as a dumpster. It can come in a size that will contain all of the debris of old roofing material and new waste from putting on the new roof. 

Size, Pickup, and Delivery

The size of the dumpster necessary when replacing a roof for the old shingles and other debris will depend on the roof size since houses are different sizes so is the roof. For this reason, dumpsters come in different sizes that are measured in cubic yards such as 8 cubic yards, 15 or 19 cubic yards. The roof debris removal Marco Island FL professional will be able to assist in deciding the right size dumpster will be necessary for the square footage of the roof being taken off. The one thing that will be important to remember is there will be other debris from this kind of project beside the shingles since under the shingles the sheeting is covered with a tar type of heavy paper that protects the sheeting from becoming wet when rain blows underneath of the shingles. 

Even though this paper is not extremely thick there will still be much more than could fit in a normal garbage disposal. So, it will also need to be put in the dumpster and then there is the drip edge that runs across both ends of the roofline. In addition, any plywood sheeting that has problems and needs to be repaired will also go in the dumpster. The total amount going into this dumpster is hundreds of pounds. The good part about dumpsters is that this large bin will be delivered prior to the work debris mounting up and once the new roof is completed the company delivering it will also pick the filled dumpster up. This means there is no concern about how the debris in this large bin will be disposed of since it is taken off the site. The only decision to be made about using a dumpster is the size necessary and the dumpster company professional will be able to help determine the size that will work best for the roofing project.

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