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North Korea Is Exploiting “Comfort Women” and It Needs To Stop

As you no doubt already know, North Korea has a “colourful way” of expressing their views for their enemies. Back in 2016, North Korea vowed to “retaliate” against both the U.S. and South Korea for their ongoing military exercise.

Over the last few months, North Korea has been testing and sending missile launches to both South Korea and the U.S. Now, some of these launches may have failed, but the message has not. Each time this happens, this is sending a very dangerous message to our national security and this message is simple.

“We are becoming more compromised by the second”.

Now, many of you may remember the cold war that happened in Europe of 25 years ago. To most of us, the war ended. However, in Asia, it is still ongoing. You couple this with the challenges of trying to regain stability in the South China Sea, this spells disasters beyond any sort of comprehension.

The Interests of the U.S. In East Asia

The U.S. counts on countries like China and South Korea to help “safeguard” their interests and other vulnerabilities. The only problem is that both places have an ongoing issue with using the South Korean comfort women in “comfort stations”. They have been doing this since World War 2.

The History, Resentment, and Resolution For the Korean Comfort Women Issue

Some of you have probably heard the “comfort women stories” of the “Korean comfort women“. In fact, there was an agreement reached last year with South Korea and China over the Korean comfort women” issue.

Click here to read some of the “comfort women testimonies”. Some of these stories will blow your mind, even make you rethink about your stances on certain topics regarding South Korea.

This agreement was a bilateral agreement. It involves an apology from Japan and a special fund being set up. This fund was worth about $8 million. It was to go to the survivors. Nothing can take away from what has happened, including the resentments from South Korea over what happened. It was, however, meant to mark a final “resolution” on the issue for both governments. It was meant to be taken in a “can we move on” sort of thing.

Enter North Korea

Not one to be outdone, North Korea is intent on using this issue as a “bargaining tool”, North Korea wants to keep using this issue, and by extension the women, as a means to drive a wedge between South Korea, and China

Keep in mind, South Korea and China are still two very important allies for the U.S. North Korea is using this deal as a means of recruiting Nationalist sentiments in South Korea against China.

What Does North Korea Have To Hide?

A great deal, actually. They are using this deal as a means to draw attention away from their own personal record. North Korea has a record of being disgusting and nasty when it comes to human rights. They do not want their record to be shown, so they are using this as a way to draw out a distraction.

A Message To Japan and South Korea

The message to them is simple. South Korea and China are still two of the biggest allies the U.S. has in Asia. They cannot allow North Korea to get its way. They cannot allow North Korea to manipulate the situation. A dull spoon is more effective than a sharp fork when driven into the heart. It is going to hurt much more, as will this wedge if this old argument gains fire once more.

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