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Scrap Metal Pickup at Home

Every adult consumer has owned something that has been sent to a scrap metal recycling yard. So many things that are used can be scrapped to harvest the metals that make up the item. Ferrous metals like steel, stainless steel and iron as well as the non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, tin and lead can all be recycled. Every homeowner possesses several appliances, electronics, toys, bikes and miscellaneous car parts during his or her lifetime. Rather carting the items to the scrap yard call scrap metal pick up Minneapolis MN.

Reduce Your Time and Effort

When its someone else’s responsibility to load up the scrap metal pieces, it is a lot less stressful for you, the homeowner. Setting up a pick-up time for your non-working appliances saves you a great deal of time and money. You omit the process of loading the appliance onto a truck. You may not own a truck, which would mean you’d also have to rent one just to discard your scrap metal. That would mean you’d have to be able to lift and maneuver 140 to 170 pounds. Instead, call the professionals at your local scrap metal yard and allow them to use their equipment to lift and cart off your appliances.

Pick Up and Payment for the Scrap Metal

By using this service, you get the space you need for a new appliance and the amount of scrap metal you have may even warrant some pay. At the time of the pick-up of the scrap metal, the load is weighed with a crane scale. If the load cannot be weighed on the crane scale, the payment won’t be available at the time of pick up, but it will be available after it is delivered to the yard. If it is a small load, you may not receive payments. Some appliances and certain junk cars may not qualify for pick up. All scrap metal companies are bonded and when they are on your property, their actions are insured, so if anything gets damaged while they are there, so can get compensated for the damage.

Scrap Metal in Cars

To get the best price for your car, if you intend to scrap it, shop around. If you can strip the car down to its metal, you can get a better price. For the best price the car must be stripped of anything that it not metal. That means the removal of all the fluids, gas, wiper fluid, radiator fluid, oil and gasoline. It also means the upholstery/seats, the radio, steering column and dashboard. Also remove the tires and windshields.

Collecting scrap metal can be a lucrative past time or a full-time career. For those who are happy with their chosen professions, selling their privately own and collected scrap metal can pay off. And for those who simply want a property free of debris and miscellaneous non-working and unused items, scrap metal pick-up is a great way to clean up your home.

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