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Some Important Reasons to Why Grease Trap Cleaning is Necessary

Grease traps have been around since time immemorial. This says a lot about their importance and effectiveness. But what happens when the grease trap is no longer functioning? A disastrous scenario can well be a possibility. A grease trap is designed to intercept grease, oil and fats in commercial premises such as restaurants where the release of these substances take place daily in great amounts. One of the symptoms of a blocked grease trap is a foul smell that emanates from it. If there are people walking by a restaurant and smell something unpleasant, they can pretty much guess the problem behind it. Clogged grease traps can severely damage the long-built reputation of restaurant owners. 

Why it is Important to Keep Grease Traps Clean

Cleaned grease traps ensure the functionality of a restaurant remains intact. Assuming that a clogged grease trap will not be noticed by customers is equivalent to embracing denial. To understand the serious risks you take in neglecting this issue, consider the scenario of losing prospective patrons looking to dine out by being driven away due to the odious smell emanating from the side of your restaurant. This makes them want to permanently avoid your restaurant. You may lose existing patrons if they’re exposed to this obnoxious smell as well. It will kill their experience of eating at your restaurant. They may also advise others against visiting your restaurant. A small negligence can result in a domino effect, completely destroying your restaurant’s chances of thriving. 

A Blocked Grease Trap Leads to Further Blockage

It’s possible for your drain pipes to become affected if your grease trap is heavily clogged with solidified grease. Once your drain waste starts backing up, it becomes an ugly situation for the patrons. There’s no escape from this scenario without calling emergency services. This leads to inconvenience for those dining there, as the kitchen becomes temporarily unavailable. With bad smells spreading throughout the restaurant, patrons will have no choice but to write off the restaurant. To avoid being in such situations, you must schedule monthly grease trap cleaning. Also, depending on how much grease is unloaded into pipes on daily basis, having regular maintenance would be more than feasible. 

Avoid Paying High Bills

Hiring a company that performs routine inspection of your grease traps will spare you high expenses from emergency plumbing. Emergency plumbers are, no doubt, highly effective but their charges are sky high as well. It’s always a better option to be preventive from the very beginning. 

Avoid Paying Hefty Fines

The grease trap is a component of the sewer system; its main purpose is to intercept grease as it runs through the pipe and breaks it down. When the trap gets too full (i.e., clogged), the trap is no longer functioning properly, and this allows the grease to travel into the main pipeline. This results in the blockage of the city water lines. Some municipalities have grease inspectors appointed to inspect restaurants. If they find any restaurant owners failing to adhere to this code of conduct, they are subject to heavy fines. If you’re a restaurant owner based in Chicago, search for ‘Grease Removal Chicago IL’ to find a grease cleaning company nearest to you. 

Grease trap manufacturers and cleaning companies offer scraping, draining and removing all forms of grease from pipelines. Paying extra to protect the hard-earned reputation of your restaurant is well worth it, unless you want to risk facing a huge loss in revenue from losing long time patrons.

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