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The Benefits of Team Building Games & Activities

Management theory has come a long way in recent years. The change has largely been a shift from promoting internal competition to cooperation. To this end, many forward-looking organizations have been searching for ways to generate group cohesion through team building activities. One of the most popular and productive ways to develop a cohesive team environment is through the team building activities Dallas Texas companies have proven to be exceedingly useful for promoting positive group dynamics time and time again.

A great deal of thought and research has gone into why team building games are so effective, and the results are clear. Team building capitalizes on a critical component of all human growth and group bonding, play and problem-solving.

Play Builds Minds and Bonds

Play is common in familial groups across the animal kingdom and is used to help individuals safely explore the limits of their capabilities while testing those of their partners. It is through rough and tumble play that we begin to develop a sense of ourselves as children. As adults, we tend to forget those lessons. But through team building activities and games, we can remember those early lessons and apply them to a professional setting in a productive way.

Team Building Fosters Trust

A collaborative team cannot function optimally its members do not trust each other. In team building games, members must cooperate in very tangible and immediate ways. They will literally support each other to accomplish challenging physical tasks. They will experience the excitement of obstacle course games and this places a strong emotional tag on these trust-building experiences. This develops a powerful sense of group cohesion faster than just about any other method of team building. 

Develop Interactive Problem Solving

To solve the challenges of a team-building obstacle course or game environment, groups have to think on their feet while expressing their ideas in an open, immediate, and democratic fashion. These activities have the ability to quickly reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, allowing the group to organize itself naturally. Teams who have had these kinds of experiences get to know each other on a very deep level, enabling them to commit to the most effective course of action without scrambling to be heard or competing for recognition.

Encourage Open Creativity

Team building activities teach participants in a tangible way that not everything they do has to be a slam dunk. Once team members accept that they do not have to have the right answer every time, they will be less afraid of contributing their ideas. When one team member expresses an idea, the group can discuss it, try it, evaluate the results and move on. This teaches teams to value success and merit over in-group politics or petty differences.

Break the Ice- Permanently

Team building games and activities can remove much of the tension that can naturally exist between people working in a professional environment. By breaking the ice, and learning to be cooperative, your workforce will return mentally refreshed, relaxed, and ready to get to business.

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