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The Necessity of Specialists for Optimising Mines

One of the major concerns in the international mining industry is mining optimisation. Due to the large scale of mining companies and operations, and the generally small size of administration divisions in comparison, expert mining solutions and studies by external professionals are key to mining optimisation.

Compliance Reports

Especially in the case of mining solutions for South Africa, a variety of compliance checks and reports are mandatory. This includes reports on compliance in terms of due diligence, ore/mineral reserve reports, competent person’s reports, mining work programmes, mine planning review and financial models, amongst many others.

If such vital aspects of a mine’s planning and operations are not in place, it can result in severely negative consequences like hefty fines. In some cases mines could even be forced to shut down operations, which will result in financial losses reaching the millions. Proper compliance reports thus lead to mining optimisation in that mines can run without concerns over fines and closures and focus on optimal productivity.

Mine planning and turnaround strategies

Expert mining solutions includes having professionals come in to conduct on- and offsite operational planning and production improvement services. This includes short term planning for managing weekly and monthly operations and goals, detailed budget plans and operational reviews and improvements, amongst others.

These services add to mining optimisation by making sure, firstly, that the planning is in place and that it is effective. Short term planning is far easier to monitor and track, and from there it can be optimised into longer term plans that build on what works. The turnaround side of these services is also important because this means optimising and correcting any losses being incurred. This is why operations are reviewed in order to see where costs are higher than they should be. From there operations can be improved in order to fix this and budgets can be set to limit unnecessary expenditures.

Project management

One of the most critical aspects of mining optimisation is project management. Not all mines have the necessary trained staff to handle the intricacies of the different projects on the mine. This is why it becomes necessary to call in an external expert for mining solutions. These companies will then be able to complete a specialist study based on the mine’s requirements, in order to report on the management of projects directly to executives. These external specialists will also assist in reporting studies on operations to internal project managers and engineers. External specialists keep them informed of all risks, issues and other factors that may have been overlooked. This helps the mine to remain on-schedule and on-budget, which is the essence of good mining optimisation.

This is only a brief and minimal overview of the potential of expert mining solutions. For a comprehensive view of exactly how these services can improve your mining optimisation and operations, contact the experts.

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