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Why WWE FORCED Carmella to Switch Back To Blonde Hair

Reasons why Carmella has made another significant change to her hair. Carmella started off the first few years of her career with blond hair. The move was a big surprise and had lots of fans talking. The hair change happened at a great time because it was right at the start of her baby face run.  So supporters automatically affiliated the brunette with being face and blond. Being heel, Carmella once again stunned the fans by posting the tease on Twitter. Before finally revealing that has gone back to blond. WWE-News have speculated a few good reasons why she might have switched back.

The first reason being that the blond hair was just the original look for Carmella. And that it fits the character more. But the other reason that is really interesting is that a heel turn could be on the way — going back to how Carmella was always a heel while being blonde. Fans speculate that a Carmella a heel turn could be coming in future. And she will return to her old persona. What are your thoughts on Carmella switching back to blonde hair?

Carmella has been a brunette for as long as a couple of months, and she moved far from the blonde Carmella look. Be that as it may, to amazement to most WWE fans, Carmella’s Hair has come back to being blonde. Carmella re-appeared the blonde hair on her authority Instagram page. Carmella additionally appeared her new wine Capo Cagna. So why Carmella did exchanged her hair back to blonde? Many feel like this is because the blonde hair just fits the Carmella character better and a conceivable heel turn could be coming up for Carmella. What are your contemplations on Carmella’s new look? Leave your comment on WWE-News.

Carmella and Corey Graves Relationship

Carmella and Corey Graves are a further 2019 real-life WWE couple that nobody saw coming. The couple previously went onto the scene not long ago after Corey Graves’ ex got him and Carmella out. Amy likewise posted a birthday video message that Carmella had accomplished for her girl while the whole circumstance with Corey was going on in the meantime. Presently a couple of months after the fact, we at long last hear Corey and Carmella’s side. Carmella was a visitor on the Bella Twins Podcast, and Corey Graves was on the Lillian Garcia digital broadcast.

WWE new couples have been venturing out recently, for example, John Cena and Shay, Andrade and Charlotte Flair, and now Carmella and Corey Graves. Charlotte Flair and Andrade affirmed their relationship on WWE Red Carpet with enormous grins on faces standing near one another. Corey Graves and Carmella’s relationship turned out a couple of months prior in a deplorable manner. However, at this point, things have quieted down a bit. The couple has now affirmed their relationship. Corey Graves declared it while in front of an audience amid WWE WrestleMania 35 end of the week. What are your contemplations on Corey Graves and Carmella?

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