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Mexico Real Estate – Homes for Sale in Mexico

Mexico City is a global megalopolis and offers a wide range of housing options for expats in both urban and suburban settings. Mexico is ranked #1 in the world for happiest expats; friendliest population; and ease of making new friends. Thousands of people just like you move to Mexico every year to enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle in a warm and sunny climate to pursue a better quality of life.

If you are seeking a new adventure; or looking to enjoy your retirement in a warm and sunny location; or have always wanted to live and experience life in a foreign country; or maybe you want a vacation home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

For expats, neighborhoods like La Condesa, Polanco, Coyoacan, Santa Fe and Napoles may be good choices. La Condesa, in particular, attracts people from all over the world who enjoy its cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs, but also its parks and proximity to Mexico City’s downtown area.

House for sale in Mexico – Generally, the property market in Mexico is strong and on the rise. The country’s economy is holding fast despite the threat of trade alterations from the US, and is growing more swiftly in 2017 than economists previously predicted. Because of this, national buyers are snapping up property as foreign investors rush to take a cut as well. It’s a seller’s market, meaning home prices may be a little high- but so are the values.

If you plan on renting an apartment, a one-bedroom unit in the city’s center is about US$570. A one-bedroom apartment outside of city center is about US$322. If you need more space, a three-bedroom apartment in Centro is nearly US$1,112. Outside of city center, a three-bedroom apartment usually rents for around US$689. These costs are averages and could be higher or lower, depending on the property rented.

Mexicans and foreigners alike are attracted to Cuernavaca. They are drawn here by three key attributes that make the location ideal for living and retirement: its proximity to Mexico City, its year-round temperate climate, and its abundance of modern services and amenities.

How much does it cost to build a house in Mexico?

This question comes up on many forums and people reply with some different rough square meter (feet) prices for construction in Mexico. There really are too many factors to give you an good estimate. The way you design your house and the finishes you want will greatly affect the cost of construction.

For example the new “Tulum  style” is relatively easy to build, modern and affordable. It entails polished concrete floors and little tile usage. Bathrooms have a smooth cement (polished concrete) on the walls. Spaces are more open and there are less finishing touches that add up. This type of modern and clean design can make our dream come true at a much cheaper price.

One way to look at house cost is the prices for a basic house in a planned community. It is possible to get a new three bedroom house for about $45,000 USD. These houses are being sold with a profit, so you know that inexpensive construction is possible here. Most houses built in Mexico cost 1/3 the cost of construction in other countries. 

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