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Best Trips in Nevada

The United States is full of places to visit: from Atlantic to Pacific, there are truly countless options for vacation destinations. Nevada, often known for its main tourism destination of Las Vegas, is actually full of some great hidden gems. Here are some great trip ideas to take through the state before checking out some Nevada real estate and making it official.  

Red Rock Canyon

The state’s first intentionally designated conservation area, Red Rock Canyon is home to a plethora of facets to explore. There’s truly something for everyone: whether interested in hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing or simply enjoying a picnic surrounded by natural beauty, Red Rock Canyon has it. The park also offers the option of a 13-mile scenic drive, allowing visitors to take in some of the beauty of the park from the comfort of their own vehicles. The region enjoys sunshine more than 80% of the year, practically guaranteeing that visitors will have a positive experience whenever they choose to visit. The desert area experiences very little rainfall and is known for very low humidity. While Red Rock might be considered a destination slightly off the beaten path, it’s only about 30 miles from Las Vegas and its airport. 

Carson City

The capital of Nevada, Carson City offers a bit more of an urban alternative to the outdoor destination of Red Rock Canyon. Carson City has quite a few educational components, too, making this a great spot for families with young children. The city is home to the Nevada State Museum, the Nevada State Railroad Museum, and a children’s museum. There are also plenty of dining options, art museums, and even golf. 

Lake Tahoe

This gorgeous freshwater lake attracts more than 20 million visitors ever year. In the warmer months, this beautiful region beckons travelers to lounge on the lakefront, kayak and boat, and hike the many beautiful vistas. Because of the location in the mountains, Lake Tahoe experiences seasonal changes. The area transforms into a skier’s dream during the colder times of the year, making Lake Tahoe a great place to visit at any time. 

Las Vegas

Of course, Las Vegas remains a destination worth visiting, especially for those that have never visited before. The city is best known for its gambling and nightlife, but the entertainment value is also incredibly high. Artists are constantly planning exciting residencies in Las Vegas, and there’s truly an act for any taste. With so many different things to do in Nevada, the state has offerings for all interests. 

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