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Travel Smart in 2018 with these Handy Tips

Have you “as a traveler” made any new year resolution in 2018? Well, don’t get baffled when I ask you to ponder over this question specifically as a traveler. One of the basic desires in every traveler’s heart is to “travel more than the previous year”, and this being true, it’s quite natural that you will want to grow up as a “smart traveler”. Every trip, be it a family vacation, a group travel, or a solo adventure, needs proper planning. So, while you have entered into 2018, why not give this planning a smart turn? Want to know how? Let’s see how you can travel smart in 2018 with these handy tips!

  1. Research Thoroughly

“Google it!” You might have heard this often. But the first step in smart travel planning in to befriend Google and do a thorough research on EVERYTHING. This may include your transportation, accommodation, tour operators, local customs, safety tips, restaurants, and even what you can wear. I also recommend that you search for the recent scams and accidents that have happened in the country that you are going to visit. This will help you avoid any issue, especially if you are traveling alone.

  1. Take a Financial Protection

This can be little confusing and tiresome for you, but if you want your money to be safe and smartly spent, financial protection is a must. The first and most important step is to ask your travel company if your travel arrangements are protected. This is more of use when you book a flight or hire a car. Make sure that if you are not using these in any case, they are not included in the package you take. Apart from this, also check for the low prices of rented cars as this can only be a medium of attracting bookings.

  1. Check for the Real Budget

See, if you really want to travel smart, this is the most significant key. What I mean here by the “real budget” is what you get after calculating your shopping, internal transport, ticket prices of attractions, meals, and other things in addition to your travel package. And, do keep in mind that this should not include the special discounts and deals on hotel and airline bookings. Calculate all the extra charges as you plan your trip that you may have to pay while staying in your destination city. Make sure that your travel package doesn’t have a “flexible pricing” and you are aware of the expected rates so that your budget doesn’t fail and leaves you disappointed.

  1. Carry your Documents

This is extremely important especially if you are traveling to a foreign land. Even if you have googled all the rules and regulations, possibilities have no end. So, it’s always better to carry all the necessary documents wherever you go. Keep extra copies of your birth certificate and identity proof, keep your passport and visa safe, and make sure that you have uploaded your documents on the cloud or saved on the drive so that you can access them from anywhere even if you lose the physical copy.

  1. Downloads Travel Apps

Remove all the clutter from your mobile and make space for some really useful travel apps that can make your journey a safer and memorable one. These apps will make you book an accommodation easily, book a bus, train, or flight, show you what activities you can indulge into, and even keep an eye on your expenses. You can also keep a translation app when you are in a different country.

When you practice these practical stuff, not only your travel experience becomes less stressful but also you grow as a self-sufficient traveler. So, travel safe, travel smart!

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