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Useful Tips to make the Best out of your Umrah

Umrah unlike hajj can be taken at any time of the year. This makes this ibadat very convenient as if one misses out the hajj can conveniently plan out to visit Makah to perform Umrah at any time of the year. The word Umrah comes from Arabic. It means to visit a populated place. In Islamic terminology it means to visit the holy mosque of Makah.  It can be considered a minor pilgrimage as many of the rites performed during this are similar to hajj. It is not compulsory. Preparing in anticipation is a very good idea. Therefore, if you keep certain things in mind, it will be very helpful. People who are going to go for economy or luxury Umrah packages from Lahore Pakistan will find these lists very helpful.

  1. Cram some dua and azkaar before you go. When you will be able to learn these dua by heart, you would not always need to carry a booklet for reading.
  2. Consult reliable and trustworthy travel agents for your journey. Preferably those with whom you have already travelled or any of your family members has travelled.
  3. When you are in Makah and Medina, you have to walk a lot. It is recommended to practice walking for a month or two before you embark on the journey.
  4. Learn the funeral prayer by heart. This will be helpful as in the haram after every farz prayer there is funeral prayer being offered.
  5. Do not carry unnecessary luggage as it will hamper your mobility. Also, it will be difficult to load and unload every time you need your things.
  6. Other than the two sheets of ihram, not even underwear is allowed. Socks and anything to cover the head should also be avoided. For shows, slippers work the best. Most of the pilgrims use flips flops as the footwear. This kind of attire has a specific message. It holds the message of uniformity for everyone regardless of their class, race, wealth and worldly gains.
  7. Specifically for women the dress code is very limited. It comprises of long and loose fitting clothes with a head scarf to cover their heads completely. Very modest kind of clothes is worn. No exposing clothes are allowed.
  8. Carry your own medicines. You might need them during the journey. At that time instead of expecting them from someone else, it is better you have them on your own. There are so many people who might carry viruses or bacteria that you are sensitive to. Therefore, having your own pain killers, anti-allergic medicines, ointments would always be a good idea.
  9. Learn some common expressions and sentences the Arabs use in their daily lives. This will help you understand their language when you interact with them.
  10. In order to carry your slippers you should keep a nylon bag. This will save them from getting lost. You can carry them with you when not wearing them.
  11. If you are travelling through Umrah packages from Karachi or other parts of Pakistan, your Miqat point comes before you land. Many a time the airline announces this prior to reaching that point so that the pilgrims could enter into the state of ihram after making the neyat. If you have problem doing that in the plane you could do that before you start of the journey.
  12. Recite talbiyah as much as you can as soon as you enter ihram or even you start the journey
  13. Women need not to cover their faces.
  14. Get a book or a detailed guide which narrates about the rites of Umrah. Offer every rite in its best way to make the best of your offering and prayers.

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