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Why London Airport is the Best in the World

When you seek London International Airport information, the first airport that comes to anyone’s mind is Heathrow Airport. There is a specific reason behind the same. London Heathrow Airport is the largest international airport in the UK. It caters to a phenomenal amount of air traffic as well. However, Heathrow is situated on the outskirts of London. It serves London very well, but the airport that lies inside London is the true London Airport. We are referring to the London City Airport.

Located in the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham, this airport is just around 11 km from central London. Developed in 1986-87, this airport is a small airport in many ways. It has a narrow runway that is not fit for accommodating large aircraft. In spite of this drawback, this airport attracts a large number of international tourists. This airport has the distinction of being the fifth busiest airport in London.

What are the criteria for classifying airports all over the world? Passenger amenities are certainly one of them. Reports show Singapore Airport to be far ahead of the rest. But, London Airport has certain special qualities that should help it rank as the best in the world in its own way. Let us look at this London International Airport Information.

  • This airport is beautifully wedged in between the Royal Docks. Hence, there is no scope for any expansion. The single runway is about 1500 metres long. This length is insufficient for the larger aircraft to land or take off. Hence, you do not find any big aircraft landing here. They prefer to go to Gatwick or Heathrow.
  • In spite of being a small airport, it handles 38 flights in an hour on an average. This amounts to an average of two flights every three minutes. This makes it a busy airport, especially during peak hours. The winter months are reportedly the busiest months because this airport caters to traffic to the north European countries famous for their ski resorts.
  • This airport does not have any jet bridges. There is only one terminal building. Hence, it is comparatively easier to find your way through the airport. A newcomer to London can get lost at Heathrow if he does not follow the right directions.
  • This is one of the few airports in the world that do not operate flights during the night.
  • In spite of being one of the busiest airports in London, the London City Airport is a silent one. The airport authorities do not make any unnecessary announcements. They do so only during emergencies and bad weather.
  • The London Airport has some of the best relaxing lounges in the world. Of course, you need to pay for these services. Parents travelling with children can avail the benefits of the changing rooms, bottle warming facilities, and other passenger-friendly amenities. There are special play areas for kids.
  • You get the benefit of complimentary Wi-Fi at this airport. Currency exchange is possible in case you wish to do so at the last minute. Duty-free shops present you with the best opportunities to purchase a variety of things.
  • This airport has the best catering facilities with hot food available at all times of the day. You get your quota of beverages and cold food at this place. Home-made food is available while you can get your baked breads from Panopolis.
  • Since the airport is located in London, there is no dearth of transport facilities. The Dockland Light Railway connects you to some of the most important stations. The London Underground and the National Rail stations are also accessible from the airport easily. A fleet of London bus services and black taxis are always available to cater to passengers.
  • Accommodation is never an issue when you land at London City Airport. There are a variety of top-quality hotels in the neighbourhood.
  • Exploring London city is also easy as you get transport facilities from this airport to the various sightseeing locations in and around London.
  • British Airways is the most popular airline service operating from this airport. You have some cheap flights such as BA City Flyer and Flybe operating from this airport.
  • This airport connects to various European towns.

With Gatwick Airport coming up in a big way, the traffic at London City Airport has reduced a great deal. However, it still caters to many flights, especially during the busy winter season. This airport is certainly not the largest. It is also not one of the biggest airports in London. But, it has a reputation of being one of the best airports in the world because of the excellent passenger facilities available. This London International Airport Information can be of great use to newcomers to London. They should have a clear idea about the nature of facilities available at each of the six international airports in London.

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