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What to Consider When Choosing a Paint Supplier

From time to time, you may require to have an overhaul of your home by painting with new and trending colors. This leads to contemplating about the best sellers and the variety of shades and paints they are offering. Based on this, selecting the right paint supplier is very important. Below is a few things to consider when choosing a paint supplier.


Late and incomplete orders, responsiveness to customer issues, delivery lapses are some of the factors you should consider. All this may affect not only your expenses but also how fast you get the work done. Before selecting a paint supplier, it is prudent to look into how reliable they are. Alternatively, you can contact some of their references to seek advice concerning their competency and reliability.

Value for Your Money

Most people view their suppliers as a cost that affects their profit margins and look for ways to reduce these expenses. When it comes to painting suppliers, the best should be able to provide you with additional value that can help offset any costs that may hike your expenses. We are talking about expenses such as transport costs which may have a huge impact on the profit margin. A good paint supplier is one who offers the customers with quantity discounts or goes further to offer free delivery.


Aligning with paint suppliers who give you adequate advice about the trends in colors and prices is a great thing. This means that you should be very choosy when it comes to selecting the best supplier. A supplier who is industrious and has enough experience in dealing with shades and paint will prove important. It is, therefore, worthwhile to exercise your due diligence by fully vetting a paint supplier before you enter into a partnership with them. At Janoic Colors NYC, we have many years in the paint business and believe in corroboration with our clients. We value long-term relationships driven by trust and mutual existence.

Price of Products

Your financial status is of paramount importance when it comes to selecting of a paint supplier. Even so, the quality of products should also be in mind. The price of the various types of paints should be favorable and in line with your budget. If you want high-end quality, you should consider spending an extra cost for better outcomes. In other instances, it is better to forfeit looking for lower prices. Rather, it is prudent to search for a competitively priced supplier that also offers a quality product with a formidable reputation in the market. Do not forget that the bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is gone.


Obviously, you need to select a paint supplier that is near you. If a potential supplier is too far, it could lead to longer delivery periods as well as an increase in the transport expense. Additionally, you could have a stock out if your supplies are meant for resale. The best thing is to research the available paint suppliers in your locality.

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