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5 Countries Most Threatened by Water Shortage

It is baffling how one part of the world has an abundance of water to the point of wasting it while the other part is suffering because of the lack thereof. More than half of the world has some level of water scarcity and this ratio is increasing day by day. According to ecologists, the shortage of water will increase and even the most developed countries will face water scarcity by the year 2040. This poses a great threat for the people all over the world. The reasons for this situation are obvious, we already have less freshwater supplies plus the global warming and severe weather change is not helping at all. The amount of annual rainfall is also decreasing. More and more places are facing drought, famine, land salinization and other environmental problems.

However, scientists have already found the solution to most of these problems. These excessive water shortage conditions can be avoided with the help of water reservoirs, dams, water recycle and desalinization plants. The developed countries have realized the severity of the situation and are taking appropriate measures to counter this issue. But not every country is fortunate. There are numerous countries who are suffering from high level of water stress, right this minute and most of them are Middle Eastern countries. The shortage of water is manageable, only if the governments of the concerned countries take necessary measures for it and increase the public awareness regarding the problem. Here is the list of top five countries which are most threatened by water shortage right now.


Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. Deserts covers most part of the country, which leads to less rainfall and consequently droughts and famine. The population of Niger is around 2.5 million and the government cannot do much about the lack of natural resources. Moreover, locusts infestation is also a repetitive thing.


Somalia has tremendous water reservoirs, however the mismanagement on part of the government lead to water scarcity. Plus, the country has been facing war for the past several years which contributed to this calamity. Regardless of the unstable times, if the government take necessary action, the problem can be solved in a few years.


The water supply in Syria was previously alright however, due to instability in Middle East the country is now facing severe water shortage. The water is not available even to the capital cities and government held areas. The country needs help from United Nations and developed countries to solve the issue.


The main reason for water scarcity in Egypt is the pollution in Nile River. The Nile River is the country’s main source of water and the pollution has lead to failed agriculture. Also, several cases of mass poisoning have been recorded over the past few years.


Most countries in Africa are facing are deserts and suffer from severe water shortage. Plus, the available water is contaminated. Sudan saw more than 500 deaths in the recent years due to waterborne diseases and dehydration. The country is over-populated as well.

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