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La Marzocco GS/3 1 Group Mechanical Paddle Espresso Coffee Machine GS3 MP

The Marzocco GS3 MP Mechanical Paddle Espresso Machine is designed for the home, office, restaurant, or a catering company. It is easy to transport from one location to another for catering or mobile businesses. 

This machine gives the owner manual control when using the machine. They control the amount of pressure used for making coffee and the brewing time. It’s similar to driving a manual car instead of driving one with all electronic easy to use controls. 

This machine became available in 2007. It is a commercial espresso machine packed into a smaller sized model. It can be used in a home or office and works well even using 120 volts. This model operates using its own water reservoir. Many restaurants are purchasing espresso equipment like this to improve their coffee sales

It provides the user a wide range of special features to use. It has PID controlled temperature that ensures the temperature remains consistent to make the coffee hot. It has dual boilers and is designed to be a real work horse with when making coffee. 

The MP gives baristas the thrill of using a manual espresso machine. The company added a new conical valve and manometer that lets the user control the pressure used precisely. It has a 110-volt power supply too to make it easier to use in different locations. 

It was improved in 2016 to give this machine more reliability. The changes have allowed for users to manipulate the pressure used more easily and a wider selection of settings. Before brewing, it is recommended that water is run through the portafilter to warm it up to proper brewing temperatures. 

This allows your coffee to be brewed at a reliable temperature. Add grounds to the portafilter and insert into group head. Move the paddle from right to left to begin brewing. The pressure gauge should be at about 9 bars. 

Marzocco is a major competitor in the US market and the trend for specialty coffee is growing. A Rebuilt La Marzocco Espresso Machine is good addition to any coffee shop, restaurant, catering business, home, or even bookstore that serves food.

The machine has two programming options. They are machine on or machine off. Machine off programming controls how the machine works, and users should not change settings. The machine on programming lets the user control setting for temperature, preferences, brewing, steaming, and digital clock. 

The cup tray at the top of the machine is a place to store the cups. It heats the cups prior to brewing. This allows the espresso or coffee to maintain a warm temperature. 

To dispense hot water, press the tea button on the control panel of the machine. Hot water will flow from water tap on right side. To stop the water, press the button again.

When baristas want to steam milk or other liquids they have to press the steam activation level. When finished return it to the off position. This machine has a boiler just for steaming. This allows the user to brew and steam at the same time. 

The machine can be connected to your home or business water supply. Its reservoir holds 120 oz of water. This machine was designed to be simple to use with no confusing lingo. It’s an excellent addition to any food service business.

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