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Using Fuel Additives to Boost Performance and Protect Your Investment

Utilizing a fuel additive in your car’s gas tank can have a number of benefits but if you have never done this before or don’t know what those benefits are, you will want to do some research before you put anything into your vehicle. This will ensure that you are not doing your vehicle more harm than good. These additive products can help your vehicle’s performance and can help fix a number of issues that may be occurring and that’s not just all marketing techniques. 

Older Vehicle

An additive will work for your vehicle for a number of situations but only if you are using a good quality product and only if your vehicle actually needs the additive. Older vehicles that are considered to be classics run better with leaded gasoline which isn’t readily available these days. You can help your classic run better by utilizing additives that are designed for this purpose. If you have an older vehicle that is not used regularly or is coming out of storage after being out of commission for many years, you can use products that are designed to get your engine clean and running smoothly again.

Diesel Vehicles

When the weather turns cold outside diesel vehicles often experience their fuel congealing inside of the gas tank as well as within the fuel lines. This causes issues for obvious reasons and a vehicle can really become damaged from this process. Additives are often designed with anti-congealing ingredients that will allow for easier functioning during the winter. 

Storing Vehicles

If you are going to be storing a vehicle for an extended period of time whether it be because of weather or because you are traveling for a bit, you can use an additive prior to putting the vehicle into storage. This is the same concept as putting your lawn mower or snow blower away for a season. The fuel stabilizers in the product will help get your motor running again even after months of not using it. Upon starting the vehicle again, you may want to use a fuel injector cleaner to get things moving again.

Of course, there are times when an additive is not really needed, and you should avoid bothering with one at all. You don’t need something with a lead additive if you are driving a modern car that runs off of unleaded. Also, diesel additives don’t have a place in a modern vehicle. A new car will run fine on its own for the most part. It’s when you start getting towards ten years of age or so that you might want to worry about what your vehicle may need in order to run smoother. Don’t fall for marketing claims that say you will be able to achieve a much higher horsepower or increase your overall fuel efficiency ratings with a product. This isn’t really what the products are designed for and you will just be wasting your money and could even be harming your vehicle without knowing it.

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